Manchester City thread


Probably because I have a few friends who support Chelsea, and I go to Stamford Bridge a lot. It’s a nice stadium - old school, quite small. I like that.

Most of the fans i’ve come across are decent too. Their reputation isn’t accurate.


Fuck Chelsea


Anyone who’s not us is a cunt so I don’t care who wins it as long as its not spurs. Which isn’t something worth worrying about obviously. :slight_smile:


you go and watch chelsea? :neutral_face:


Yep. Going to watch Chelsea Brighton on Boxing Day - I’ll Secretly be supporting Brighton, though, obviously.

I go and watch a lot of teams. If we’re not playing I’ll go watch anything.


fair enough :slight_smile:


I could have paid 150 quid to watch Chelsea vs Arsenal at the Bridge in 2013 Jan but I didn’t go as the ticket was amongst Chelsea fans, shows what my thoughts on Chelsea fans are, as me deciding to not go had nothing to do with the price.


Haha. They’re honestly not that bad. My mate’s season tickets are in a section that has a lot of old people who are lovely and lifelong fans. Every club has a selection of bad fans, though. Our fan base is fucking embarrassing at times.

Having said that, I will never watch Arsenal in the other end now - I was with the home fans when Chelsea beat us 6-0. I left after 4 as i couldn’t pretend anymore and the people around me figured me out.


City winning doesn’t bother me one bit. Everyone knows it’s just the money as their key to success so whatevs.


For the first time in a long time, I have no fucking words. Literally what are you


I’m your mate


Not any more you aren’t.

Four of my best mates are Chelsea fans who regularly go to matches and even they admit that their fan base is built on a solid bed of cunts


Perhaps they’re speaking for themselves. Get new friends :wink:

I’ve honestly had no problems when i’ve been to watch them, seen no trouble, few dickheads - no worse than anywhere else anyway. I actually wrote on here once about one of my Chelsea supporting mates getting beaten up by Arsenal fans at Finsbury Park!

On my travels, the worst set of fans i’ve come across have been Newcastle - and i’ve seen Spurs and Millwall!


Haha they went to places like Dulwich College and Kings College School in Wimbledon, they couldn’t be further removed from that element.


Explains why they support Chelsea then. They feel at home in a high class borough. That’s why I go so much, I feel at home on the King’s Road :sunglasses:


I was supposed to go to Kings College in Wimbledon when I was a kid!! I went to look around and thought it was too stuffy and strict and ended up going to do a different school in Wimbledon. Fuck Kings College, they took themselves so seriously. Lighten up motherfuckers.


Funnily enough two of them were in Paris for that match, the one where that group of Chelsea fans were not letting the black man on the train. They weren’t there when that happened, but they saw plenty of incidents of Chelsea fans being cunts. They even got pepper sprayed right outside the turnstiles in a crowd when the local police took a heavy handed appoach. Remember the telling me about away days at Villa Park with racist songs about Muslims and Pakis ringing out loudly in the stands.

I know decent Chelsea fans exist clearly, but I 100% stand by saying that their fabase is built on a solid bed of cunts.

I’ve read an interesting book about the National Front that gets into the links to the Chelsea Headhunters, and their links to Combat 18 (very violent neo Nazis), and links to terrorist Protestant Unionists in Northern Ireland.

Then you’ve got that nasty fucking racist John Terry, the walking embodiment of fucking everything we’re talking about here, just to prove how nasty Chelsea are at every level.

Chelsea are just fucking disgusting and you are bad for saying what you said and thats bloody final mate


Oooooh. Play nice Jabob… (obviously I meant Jacob. But I quite like Jobob now, hence me not deleting it :see_no_evil: )

Of course a lot of dicks support Chelsea. Same with all clubs. But compared to what i’ve witnessed at other grounds, (that one Paris incident aside obviously, because that was bloody atrocious) the Chelsea fans are not top of the list. I’ve seen Newcastle fans throw their own fans down stairs, and call others every racist/homophobic name under the sun. Funnily enough, I read an article recently which said something about Newcastle being the club with the most banning orders for three years in a row. Really not surprised.

I have met John Terry too actually, he was friendly enough to be fair - but i’m with you on that one. Bloody hate him, just seeing his face makes me cringe.

And just to be clear, I don’t like Chelsea, they are very very far down my list of clubs. Right near the bottom in fact. But I feel like Man City have “bought the league” so to speak, more than Chelsea did. Chelsea were still a decent side before Abramovich came along.


Ban Pheobica


I don’t mind Man City, lot of their players are likeable, they play the right way etc. Chelsea way more hate able but it’s nice over the last 2 seasons that we’ve had the advantage head to head. Spurs and United is obvious and Liverpool are meh, there isn’t a reason to hate unless you’re old enough to see their glory days