Manchester City thread


Haha I swear I remember you saying that at the time


i swear they only used like 16 players total that season or something like that

Them and the Barcelona team that dominated world football for 3-4 years with only about 16 players are 2 teams I think were probably doing something dodgy

If doping does exist in football (like it does in every single other sport) then it would stand to reason that the most sucsessful teams (and ones with the most money to afford good “sports scientists”) are the ones that are doping the most/using the best doctors

Obviously arsenal/Wenger are much too morally sound to do such a thing


What I also don’t understand and find a bit dodgy is that it is known that Messi was given tonnes of growth hormones (and I bet other stuff also) because ‘they were worried about his lack of growth’ all sounds legit huh i don’t think they did that with isco or Cazorla so why does Messi need it, oh he was so small in stature…so are a lot of fucking players. It just doesn’t sit right with me, i am damn sure that meanwhile they were also dosing him up with lots of other ‘legal’ drugs too that are performance enhancing and boosts his recovery etc it is still giving them a massive edge having a player that recovers quickly from his hormone injections and any other stuff under the guise he needs it for growth. Having a player like Messi fighting fit and able to run 1/2 marathon distances for 60 matches a season is not fucking normal I am sorry that is just super human levels as with much of the Barca team no injuries as such and in all competitions with no fucking rotation gimme a break.


Would anyone be perticularly suprised If City went 37-1-0 this season?


I would be very surprised


With the amount I’ve read/watched/listened to in the last few years on drugs in sport I wouldnt rule anything or anyone out.


It is a bit suss tbh. First season whilst not situated properly city was not so great and pep looked stressed and they were almost lucky to make the top 4 they didnt look anything as special as they do right now that is for sure they were quite flakey at times losing to teams you expected them to thrash. This season no losses at all and destroying teams left right and centre yet again not much rotation looking fresh always speedy and powerful looks miles away from last seasons mancity. I don’t buy that it is ‘the second season syndrome’ and ‘things have just clicked for pep’ they look a totally different animal and I don’t think it can all be chalked up to coaching because he had a whole year of coaching with limited results last season. Something definitely is not right with peps teams.


Can definitely rule out wenger, if we cant he must be as shit with that as he is at sorting out a defense. Imagine if Wenger was doping and getting these results and these amount of injuries :arteta:


Wenger making players take cabbage instead of lager was basically doping.

I’ve no doubt that Pep is using equally nefarious methods at City.


There’s quite a few stories about dodgy doctors giving “vitamin” pills to their players (both male and female). Mostly in Russian and smaller eastern leagues.


Let em all dope. Even out the whole thing in one fell swoop. Or at least have a testing system as advanced as USADA across the board with random piss tests.


Fucking hell it’s like they can’t physically scores less than 4 goals.

Imagine if they’re still unbeaten when we face them next, it’s going to turn into a massive showdown and Sky/BT will spin it into a “can Arsenal save their Invincibles record”! HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE and then we roll over a concede 3 goals in the first fifteen minutes.


18-1-0 at the Halfway point whilst scoring 60 goals and conceding 12 is just hilarious, fair to say these sugar daddy owners have ruined football.


Its Pep who’s ruining it. Those fucks have been around for a decade with nothing remotely resembling this.


We aren’t ever winning it. City winning it is the best for us every season. Not a rival for us so don’t give a fuck when they win it


Yeah I actually agree with you 100% in that regard.


Speak for yourself. I prefer Liverpool and Chelsea to City.

In a way yes. But you still see some sexy football from them. I hate them, but it’s silky.




I can’t fathom any Arsenal fan opting for Chelsea over City, that comes across as rather odd to me.


incredible tbh lol city are a nothing team. Chelsea are cunts from the same city did I mention they are cunts?