Manchester City thread


Until I’m hearing about people closely associated with Kroenke and our club literally torturing people I’m going to say we are morally in a better position than Manchester City.

That doesn’t mean we’re great or virtuous, but there are degrees of evil businessman, and thats next level.


Arsenal is a distinct entity to the ownership. There is no correlation whatsoever between the actions of our ownership and Arsenal FC.

City is a different case, they are direct investors. These middle eastern royals are seeking to corrupt and distort the essence football with their dirty money.


I was referring more to Usmanov who is definitely in a shitty bracket.


True, but he has zero influence so in that sense it is better than clubs like City. I think @sevchenko has a point too


These types of people run football now, unfortunately.


Arab money is everywhere. You seen the name on our shirt?

Or you think Dubai’s royal family’s money is better than Abu Dhabi’s?


There’s no issue with a sponsorship deal that represented market value at the time with an airline. Questioning the morality of the deal in light of Dubai’s various issues is fair enough in my book, that’s a complaint you have to take with Arsenal’s board of directors.

That is very different to City and PSG imo. Both clubs have agreed to sponsorship deals, with companies very closely related to their ownership which were excessive, not in line with market value, designed to financially dope and contravene financial fair play rules. The reason UEFA haven’t done anything is because bribes, directly and indirectly have been given out. That in my book is corrupting the nature of the sport.

Seriously don’t know how the world cup ended up in Qatar 2022. It’s obvious there’s been corruption on a massive scale for the sake of a vanity project. It doesn’t represent an organic progression.


You have answered your own question there.

It was clearly a case of bribery, corruption and possibly even blackmail.

The fact the World Cup is going to be played in a country with no footballing history, in temperatures hotter than the inside of a MacDonald’s apple pie, proves that everyone has a price and that, as you say, it is someone’s vanity project.

But I’m sure it’s not the only time the venue of a World Cup or Olympics has been decided like this.
There are no morals when there are vast amounts of money to be made.




No idea why but I’ve got that guy blocked, probably for the best.


I’ve always believed doping is rife in football anyway.


Every sport.


No, Pep is a cheater and fraud.


Absolutely. But I think Football is one where it’s managed to go largely under the radar.


i’ve always said especially with peps teams how the fuck are they running around hard pressing teams and running fast pace every match with barely any injuries and exhaustion. His Barca team especially with messi playing 50+ games a season they surely must be taking something no way are these players machines like that. Even machines break with over use.


Well I wish he brought all the good drugs here too.


Think Mav already took them all.


What because i talk common sense, come on you blind twat!


Leister were definately doping the season they won the league