Manchester City thread


Jesus is now bordering world class. Fernandinho is maybe the best DM in the league, Mendy is the best fullback in the league, Walker is arguably the best right back in the league, Bernardo Silva is one of the best creative players in the league as a back up. Sane and Sterling were world class for their age bracket and are now coming to fruition.

Delph isn’t a first team regular, he’s a back up

Stones was England’s most promising centre back and exactly the ball playing defender Pep wanted.

[quote=“InvincibleDB10, post:981, topic:129”]
I’m not disputing they have spent a lot of money on these players but we could have bought this type of player before Man City did [/quote]

As I’ve already shown we clearly couldn’t.

Elite or world class he has them in every position and last year when he didn’t his team fell apart time and again.


The difference this season is I genuinely can’t see anyone beating them.


As I said, these players weren’t world class when he bought them.
As for Delph he has started in the last eight or nine games.

I can remember when they bought Sterling a lot of people laughing at Man City for spending 40m on him, so he clearly wasn’t world class when he went there.

The point is, Guardiola has done an exceptional job, with a lot of players he didn’t buy, and players that he has bought since.
Players like Delph, Walker, Stones, Fernandinho, Sterling etc weren’t at the top of the wish list of any other elite clubs in Europe when Man City were in for them, yet he has turned them into a top European side.

A lot of these players wouldn’t have been considered any where near world class a couple of seasons ago so he must be doing something right.


I wouldn’t be too surprised if Mourinho beat them at Old Trafford. Also think we can give them a very good match at the Emirates and their record against Liverpool is poor.


Good read this.



I actually don’t mind Balague, he is more often on the mark when it comes to La Liga. This tweet however is ridiculous


I don’t think so. Why is it ridiculous?


Firstly because such a comparison futile in my opinion. Plus it’s a different generation and different style of play.

I admit it isn’t a ridiculous statement really, but rather silly. He does add some caveats to it in other tweets but it’s only early December. Plus this isn’t even the best I’ve seen a Pep team play…


Guardiola’s biographer could perhaps wait until the end of the season before making such comparisons, because as much as the title race seems to be a foregone conclusion, they haven’t won anything yet. That’s kind of a prerequisite to be a feature of any discussion about greatest ever sides.


Yeah - way premature… People might not remember, but there was similar talk a couple of years ago when they had their great start and people were even saying ridiculous things like “maybe the best club team ever” - I do think they are going to take the title, but I do not believe they will stay Invincible… it would not surprise me if they break the points record, though.


It’s a bit pointless to compare anything to the invincibles. They’re not even the PL record point holders. Sure compare their 24 game unbeaten streak or whatever it is to our 49, but what’s more impressive is they’re 7 points ahead of Chelsea at this point in the season that Chelsea got the PL record 95 points.


Yeah 15 wins and one draw is just insane… on track for 100 points is bonkers… but there will be their blip.


Impossible to compare. This City are basically buying their way to glory, while our invincibles were built together.



It suprises me how people (genuinely?) don’t have an idea how shady the rulers/ruling families in arab states are. Although that goes for most rich rulers in the world tbf.


Thats one hell of an indictment on City, the premiership and football in general. Morally bankrupt sport in all honesty.


And you’ll regularly see fanatics here openly calling for scum bags like this to take our club over and spend spend spend so we can win a couple trophies. Fuck that.


They are going to win more than a couple of trophies.

Let’s face it, any billionaire owner of a football club isn’t going to be Mr nice guy.
They are all going to be ruthless, scheming shysters who couldn’t care less about anyone else, only themselves and how much money they can make.

At least they are doing everything in their power to get success.
Unlike our owner who is fleecing the supporters and giving nothing back in return.


Well we’re owned by a pair of morally bankrupt billionaires so really and truly it’s not exactly like we’re any better than the other rich clubs.