Manchester City thread


I understand what you’re saying, and It’s true they have spent a ridiculous amount of money and paid way over the market value for certain players, but they are players that we could have had, and it also proves you can be as good as they are with good players rather than world class.

I have nothing but contempt for Man U and Chelsea but if Usmanov took over and did the same I wouldn’t be complaining.
I want to see us buying world class talent, not selling it like we do, and that’s never going to happen with our board and manager.

At least Man City play great football, unlike Man U or Chelsea, and I no very few Man City supporters, so I can tolerate them a lot easier.



Im not sure we could of spent as much as they have over the last few seasons really. I can only imagine the meltdown if we spent 50 million on Kyle Walker.


All those gloating how Pep got found out in the EPL last season have sure gone quiet, what happened to the depth of the Premier League ? Eg Champions can’t get 90+ points because the league has so much depth lol.


PL is better than La two team monopoly Liga hands down man.


City finally hit a billion in spending maybe? Cmon lol it’s clear as fucking day. Choose any walk of life/sport, and be able to invest exponentially more than almost any of your rivals and see what happens eventually…not rocket science tbh.


But but but it’s the Premier League and away games are so tough it will always be competitive. Just out of curiosity who in City’s 11 do you think is world class ? I think they have a quality team but no way they’d be 12-1-0 if they had the same squad and modern Wenger at the helm for eg.


You have a penchant for just making shit up. The PL once upon a time was as you described but when several clubs can just spend a quarter of a bil every window, doesn’t take long to throw the balance off of one of the more interesting leagues out there. There aren’t a ton of WC players in the PL but City has several plus better players than other clubs in the league relatively. That’s why they just throw 50m at a rival PL club and take one of their starting xi away while strengthening themselves, two birds one stone. Stones the same. Not WC players but relatively compared to the other teams in the league still upper echelon. Aguero, KDB, Sane, Silva, and Kompany when fit. all top top players. Özil is probably our only player that would make their starting XI, maybe Kosh too.


Surely Theo would make their starting 11 also ? He’d nudge out Sterling or Sane, or maybe they’d change system and sacrifice KDB.


Neither of Pep and Conte coming to the premier league and doing well supports the idea that other leagues are better or even as good, and Pep still really does have a long way to go this season tbh.

Can’t believe people are talking like it us a done deal already. It’s November ffs.


That was my point.
I agree that Man City paid well over what Walker, and Stones were worth, but these type players wouldn’t have been out of our reach for us a couple of seasons ago.

There are hardly any players in their squad we couldn’t have had, or could afford, if we had true ambition.

Man City pay more, because the selling club know that they have an almost limitless supply of money.
I know we don’t but there are a lot of players they have that we could have bought.

The simple fact is, they have a far superior manager and a board that has more ambition than we’ll ever have.


It’s a done deal, even if City go a modest 2 points per game from this point on they’d still finish on 87 points.


I agree.
Man City went on a similar run at the start of last season, although they have strengthened since then and look stronger, but when they do lose a game it’s how they come back that will define how good they are.

Before the start of the season I thought Man U would win it, and although they haven’t been playing that well they are still just behind Man City.

Like you say, there is a long way to go and as good as they are, at some point they will have a dip in their season, especially when the CL games get more difficult.


I don’t think they went close to 11 consecutive wins to begin last season, I’d also consider 8 points more than just behind.


Not this good.

This is the table from this stage last year. City are 7 points better off. And have 6 more points than eventual champions Chelsea - who were only just ahead of second and third, unlike City now, with their 8 point lead. It’s hard to see past City walking to the title. I don’t think they will go unbeaten, though.


I think it was about eight games last season and they were scoring a lot of goals.
It’s clear they are better this season but if will be interesting to see how they deal with a defeat and bounce back.

They are favourites but there’s a long way to go and although Man U are a few points behind, they haven’t been in great form and I wouldn’t write anyone off just yet.


You keep saying this but it isn’t so:

Aguero/Silva - way in excess of our transfer record, about twice our transfer record
Sterling - 50m on a young talent before the market blow up, yea right
KDB - 70m before the market increased, again yea right
Mendy/Walker - 50m fullbacks, they spend on their fullbacks what we spend on our record signing striker
Stones/Otamendi/Mangala - 120m on CBs

The only players we could of matched bids for in the market was Sane/Jesus/Silva (Monaco) but they would have outbid us in wages/fees anyway so in reality we couldn’t get them either

They’re also absolutely stacked in every position because of the money they can throw around and because they can write off 100m 5 year contracts at the drop of a hat so in reality no player is a risk.


Yeah so they are 7 points better off, scored 13 more goals and conceded 4 goals less. Also they have recorded wins over Liverpool, Arsenal & Chelsea (away).


I did say that Aguero, Silva and De Bruyna were world class but most of the rest of there team especially Sterling, Walker, Delph and Stones could hardly be described as that, and they are first team regulars in a great team.

I’m not disputing they have spent a lot of money on these players but we could have bought this type of player before Man City did and the fact they are in the position they are in is down to Guardiola rather just buying world class players in every position.


Ironically, we could end Manure’s title hopes on saturday :santi2: