Manchester City thread


You’re kidding aren’t you? Monreal tackle was clumsy and a deserved penalty and the offside - I’ll give you. But City could have and should have won by a much greater margin.


Who gives a fuck. They have robbed us.

Stop sucking Pep’s cock.


Luca…step away from the computer for a half hour ffs.


I just can’t stand to lose in this way. Fucking arab money.


You really need to stop embarrassing yourself.


I didn’t say we didn’t deserved to lose, just that they robbed us.


It’s the way you choose to express yourself when we lose a game. I understand frustration, but some of the stuff you say is frankly embarrassing.


I’m always critical on the team and manager but I think that was a very soft penalty, if it was the other way I don’t think it would have been given.


thank god for cech otherwise we could have been on the end off a hiding.


The pen was a pen


Pussy. So now every contact is a penalty, lol!? Where has the old english football gone?


He let in the first goal he should have kept out and made a quality point black stop from Jesus, not sure what game you were watching.


The way of the dinosaur as it should


When are they going bankrupt? I do hate them more than United. Useless club, with shitty fans and shitty owners. Go and play to Qatar, you cunts!


How much more offside does David Silva have to be before that blind as a bat linesman sees it?

Alan Smith, legend as he quite rightly is, can be a right arse on commentary as well. Offside is offside. Nothing “close” about it


Fuck off to the UAE.


I think another issue Luca is that its just a matter of time before they win the European cup. Not if but when :frowning:

Fans from lower league clubs will say I’m behaving like a spoilt brat but I really hate what football has become


They are still gonna be a shit club. Just buying their way to glory.


And Pep should be jailed for the reason you know well. He isn’t a nice guy, just a glorified sneaky prat. Wouldn’t want him as manager.


If not because of the soft penalty and the missed offside, we could have tied the game…
Still, we are just obviously one to two level below in terms of player’s quality and tactics.
Arsenal football is just too dire to watch right now.