Manchester City thread


Winning mentality. Ozil and Giroud would look to the sky and sulk.


Ok Sherlock.


Both Ibrah and Etoo seem like egocentric who challenged the manager so got canned. I do sometimes wonder if Pep has a bit of a problem with black players by shipping out Etoo, Ronaldinho, Henry and Yaya in his first 2 seasons


Alaba and Boateng probably progressed heavily under Pep so I doubt that.

Sane, Jesus and Sterling now too.


Ronaldinho chose to leave, he wasn’t shipped out. Henry was past it by this point, or at least, past it in the sense of playing for the world’s top side. I know you aren’t saying that its a theory you fully buy into, but it seems like a pretty big reach.


I believe Mendy, Jesus, Sane, Sterling, Abidal, Coman, Boteng and many others would beg to differ lol


Yeah, didn’t quite think that one through did he? Lol


His starting front 3, full backs (signed this summer) and holding midfielder are all black.


Time to log off. :smile:


This can all be explained quite simply: Pep is a reformed racist. He needed to get out of the nationalist environment of Cataluña to see the error in his ways.


In short. Bald head?



From what I’ve read he wasn’t in charge of transfers at Bayern/City


He might not have been but he’s certainly in charge of team selection and those players were/are key players under him.


So not only is pep overrated but he’s also a racist piece of shit.


You gonna ask him on a date? :stuck_out_tongue:






Lol good one he’d get a pass if he was an insanely hot Japanese girl… obviously.

Edit: Conversely if my ex was managing City she’d also be put in the “racist piece of shit” bracket because if you manage city ur a cunt.


City buying the referees. Arabs have the money to do it.


Yeah it must be said, 2 of City’s 3 goals today have been referee assisted.