Manchester City thread


I am sorry that I act like a bell end sometimes Jake


You are boring. Give it up :ozil2:


^^^^ sure signs Luca is triggered:

Call someone boring - :heavy_check_mark:
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No worries mate, happens to the best of us


So is this the official OA Reddit thread now?


This is oppression! I shall secede! (Even if it makes no fucking sense whatsoever. But since by birth I am culturally superior and the general culture of the OA is hugely indebted to me, it shall happen. Can’t have you no mark bitches living off my cultural goods.)


^ Pissed as a newt.


Just seen the highlights from their game vs. Stoke at the weekend.

Like I said when Agüero went down, that Sané-Jesus-Sterling front 3 in front of Silva and De Bruyne is fire. Really surprised Pep went away from that earlier in the season, doubt they would’ve dropped points against Everton if he didn’t.

Really think their best two lineups are that, or Silva for Sterling as a #10 on the right and Gündogan and de Bruyne ahead of Fernandinho in games where they are playing top opposition and need more control. Don’t really see a role for Agüero there that actually improves their best two or three XIs, brilliant as he is. Which makes him more of a problem than a benefit in the team, IMO, as that kind of player demands consistent action.


^ Watched Aguero this season?


Massive L for us.


Not really when you see the rest of the quote.

Sterling: “It wasn’t something that I was worried about because Pep is an honest guy and he would’ve spoken to me before.

I wonder why they left that part out :thinking:


Never denied he’s a brilliant player, which is why it’s a hard decision for Pep. But I think if you look at their performances with the Sané-Jesus-Sterling/Silva front 3 and you can see it’s how the team best functions. Hence why I think they are better off with him out of the picture, so Pep doesn’t have that hard decision.


I just so happened to watch this this morning :grin:


I think OA is slowly digressing into Reddit now. Personally I can’t wait until shit gets so bad that we transcend into 4chan.


Lol I’ll be in the first door the fuck out of here in that case.


He’s literally not said a bad word about us.

Do you bother to read the links you post? Honest question.


They do look amazing. Only arrogance can stop them atm.


And an injury to KDB.


Being around Arsenal fanatics all the time is depressing :grin:. Their self worth is at an all time low, so yeah they look for this kind of stuff to self inflict some more wounds. You know what they say, misery loves company. However as an Arsenal supporter I feel like we have a lot to hold our head high about. We are the Arsenal fuck everyone else, we’re the best.


Man City are playing the best football in the world and KDB is still frustrated/Kevin the teenager :grin: