Manchester City thread


Not even close; I said it’s fair to have a say since we don’t have a voice whether we want to father child or not; yet whatever the woman chooses we bare that responsibility.


You’ve just opened a fucking huge can of worms. :joy: good luck.


Feminism is cancer yeah I said it :kos2:

No but seriously @Kaner I having a thought or opinion that doesn’t align itself with leftist ideology is alright.

As you can tell I don’t buy on to BS feminist propaganda that perpetrats the very thing they themselves are against.


This is literally the most interesting discussion I’ve read on this forum all season.


That’s cos the season is only young. :grinning:

Seriously though I think this discussion has reached it’s natural conclusion, in this thread at least, so if people want to continue it please start a new one or PM me and I can do it for you. :+1:


Just wait until the french garlic baguette loses again :henry2:


This always happens during International breaks



I don’t know why, but that is the funniest post I have read on this thread :smiley:
I had to check to see that this is the Man City thread.


The conversation was perfectly relevant to the Manchester city thread. Bunch of Manc cuckolds.


Did someone delete the post I made here this morning?


Only if you were talking about Man City :grin:






Couldn’t say


Racism, knowing you? :hipster:


Nah, just Jakey being a snowflake.


If it was me who deleted it then I wouldnt have said that I couldnt say why it was deleted. Try reading more closely.


Jaja, me cago.