Manchester City thread


This went from a risque meme to Meninists, cunts snowflakes, cucks and Trump.

I really hope Godwin’s law is evoked in this thread soon. :joy:


I knew when this had 36 new posts none would be about Manchester City. I’m learning now. Classic OA :joy:


Calling people snowflake is name calling you idiot


See. :smile:

You’ve called me twat, cunt and now idiot. All because I referred to you as a snowflake. It’s fascinating seeing how much it’s irked you, and clear just how accurate it is.

btw @Kaner, still waiting :wink:


I didn’t actually call you a twat, you should read better.

You flatter yourself to think you can get to me in the way you think you can. I dont have to be mad to call someone a cunt or an idiot. Sad how pleased with yourself you are.


Tbh the snowflake banter is pretty shite. I don’t really get it.

You’re better than that I thought MBS…


Get that username back.

Oliver is a proper cuck username.


I actually had to scroll back to the top of the page to check that this was the Manchester City thread.


Yeah it’s shocking banter, but triggers Kaner and Jake more than anything I’ve ever seen.




Pahaha. I’m still baffled at this whole ‘cuck’ thing, are there any more words i can russle some jimmies with?


I think we should go out for beers, we’d probably end up being mates


Listen cuck, I won’t shag your Mrs now stop trying to meet up.

edit: English


Save it for when i come for a match!! I’m sure we’d all get along swimmingly, no sarcasm I truly believe this!! :giroud3:


^ Wear your MAGA hat. :giroud3:


Dafuq is a MAGA hat @Arsenal4thetreble?



Make america great again


LOL. Honestly thought it was a magaluf thing.


he is wearing his resignation on his head! Start by hauling his arse out the door, the guy is a living dodo!