Manchester City thread


This is great news for my FPL team as I have Jesus in it and haven’t been able to figure out how to get him out of my team for someone else.


Yeah I also think if you have 2 great striker options and lose one, it hurts and adds further risk regardless. Having Jesus definitely eases the blow, but Aguero is still a special player.


Switch him for Morata who is cheaper.

That’s what I was going to do but I think I’ll give it another week now


2 months? That’s a lot of time. But they have Gabriel Jesus so no problem for them.


I’ve already got Morata and Vardy in my team. I was thinking about switching him for Lacazette but I just don’t think we’re strong enough going forward and Laca never gets to finish a game.


It’s just the initial estimation, could be less after they assess him.


Ahhh fair play, should have considered that you might have him lol. I’d go for a cheaper striker and bring in someone like Hazard, as you already have a fair amount of fire power up top



Jesus christ you’re injured Mendy mate, we get it.


Oh he’s not finished yet…


I wish I didn’t knew about selfie sticks. I would have wonder whether Jese got up his bed to click that picture.


What is that hat


I think it’s cool how him and Batshauyi interact with fans via Twitter, it’s just a nice touch



I don’t find men who beat women “fit” to have their opinions taken seriously. But hey ho.


Yeah, because you have to dress like a person who goes to a pub :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Some downright horrible ‘Yer Da’ opinions from a lot of the senior contingent in the media. It all comes off as a holier than thou haughty taughtyness which in turn, makes them all look completely moronic and question why on earth they get paid for their opinions.


Yep its international week alright.


Slow news day obviously.