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City ended last season needing new full backs and a new goalkeeper moreso than anything. A club of their stature has signed 3 good young full backs and a good young goalkeeper in a hyper inflated market. They did what they had to do to prepare themselves for the coming seasons. Pep doesn’t deserve an ounce of criticism for how much City have spent this summer because who will realy care if they’re winning things?


I understand that. Purchasing Ageuro for 35m 6 or so years ago allows them to avoid spending 150m now.

My question is what value does Pep bring in because I can get any other top manager & get same outcome if furnished with this set of players?


I hope they really are making a complaint and really are that pissed off. Even though I actually quite like Pep, there are few things in football that amuse me more than him doing his pissed off bitch routine, just picturing his pouty sulk-face last night is bringing a smile to my face.


I agree that Man City have spent a lot but if they have filled the gaps that needed filling and have bought good young players as well as top quality experience.

This is what makes Man City, Chelsea and Man U the best teams in the PL, and PSG, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid the best teams in their leagues.

I’m not sure every top manager could do just as well with the same players.
Mourinho, for instance, plays a different style of football to Guardiola which is far more defensive even though it is effective.

If you spend big on the best players, that fit in the system you play, then as long as the system works then you will be challenging for the title.

If you have inferior players, played out of position, in a system that they don’t know how to play, you are not going to win much and are going to end up like us.


Pep is a sneaky catalan cunt, tbh :bellerin:


Played out of position? You mean like Henry, RVP, Wiltord, Fabregas, Thuram, Petit, Ashley Cole, Alexis Sanchez? Right?

You’re talking shite lad, those teams are the best because they buy up all the best players in the world, not because of ‘fitting in systems’ and ‘systems working’. How was Guardiola’s system working when it was getting raped against Leicester last year? How good was Mourinho’s systems that saw United finish 6th and saw him nearly get Chelsea relegated?


Both their systems are far better than Wenger’s who has had more than twenty years to perfect his in the PL.

Guardiola and Mourinho have both just started at their respective clubs and will be far ahead of us the season so I don’t really see your point.

If you think the systems that Guardiola and Mourinho use are inferior to Wenger’s then you are going to have to come up with more than a couple of examples.


Come not in a your wildest dream were Chelsea getting relegated.


The last succesful conversion of that list of has been 7 years ago. Sanchez as striker has not been a success.

That’s what you do, isn’t it? The whole point of the transfermarket is finding players who fit your ideas as coach. Whilst they do throw a lot of money around you can’t say they have the best players in the world. They play at Real Madrid and Barcelona. Persisting with players for the sake of it (Ramsey f.e.), what Wenger does, is just dumb.


Sanchez with 30 Goals and 19 assists has not been a success now? And Chamberlain being converted to a wingback, having his best ever season and Chelsea offering him 200k a week on that basis hasn’t been a success?

You can argue about the definition or world class, but you can’t dispute that United and City can afford to buy better players in every position than us pretty much. Wenger wanted numerous players over the years for United, City and Chelsea to come in and blow us out the water on either fee or wages. That’s Kroenke, Gazidis and Law’s job to fund and negotiate those deals that Wenger wants.


The board(members) or funds of other clubs. With that I already get a sense where this discussion is heading too and is there is no need to continue it. Excuse me for quoting your earlier post.




Mendy is not happy with Duncan Castles. Oops :speak_no_evil:


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There is a test, only a scan will confirm it. It seems the info is right though. I do get some schadenfreude when one of Money City’s players gets a long term injury. If they don’t win something this year they’ll go batshit mental.



That Duncan Castles knows his stuff.


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