Manchester City thread

I think people are harsh on Dortmund.

No other German club is relevant in European scene as much as Dortmund and that is down to the model they have created for themselves.

It generates revenue and gives them quality players for couple of season who perform as well i.e. Sancho, Haaland etc.

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They’ve had 1 CL quarter final and 1 Ro16 since 2020 and now they’ve just gone out to Rangers in the EL.

Not sure how relevant they still are, at this point I think it’s just by virtue of being best of the rest in the BuLi not because their model makes them competitive.


Also they were more successful when this wasn’t their model

This kind of model reinforces their irrelevance


I don’t know what people expect from a non-sugar daddy club in not so popular league. Player Sale & Matchday receipts are probably the only source of revenue for Dortmund.

I don’t see a single “non-sugar daddy club in not so popular league” that has managed to sustain being relevant on domestic & European front.
Schalke, Hoffenhium, Leverkusen, Mochengladback come & vanish while Dortmund is thereabout every season.

Clubs like Porto, Benfica, Ajax, Dortmund have to rely on such models to keep the club maintain the consistency, otherwise you are just relying on luck, and that has not worked for many a clubs.

That was down to Klopp really.

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If you get a talent like Haaland for 3 seasons though you have lucked out and you get a chance to challenge with a bit of investment.
Just staying at your level and selling assets and the promise of 30 million is pointless. Tweak that model for 3 years isnt going too destroy it and every chance you advance it. A German cup with a talent like this is just chump change and chance gone.

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Yeah Dortmund have had some fantastic talent at the club over the years and have absolutely not capitalised on it whatsoever. In fact they’ve just been treading water.

Haaland, Aubameyang, Sancho, Pulisic, Bellingham, Goetze, Lewandowski, Hummels, Kagawa etc. that’s just off the top of my head.

With real investment they’d have been able to build on the foundation of these players and really cement themselves as a competitor to Munich.

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Dortmund are not getting players like Sancho, Bellingham, Haaland if they were not working this model
These players are there because they are promised Dortmund as a stepping stone for their next move.

Take that model away and Dortmund won’t have the pull on such players, they won’t have the squad of that talent in their disposal; and will be left less competitive & with less revenue.

I don’t hear such criticism for Porto & Benfica despite their model being even worse than Dortmund’s.
Porto & Benfica are lucky to not have an opponent like Bayern Munich & they can continue to dominate their league while keeping the model of selling players alive

For people criticising the Dortmund approach, what would you have expected their trophy haul to look like in recent times if they took a different or altered approach to what we have seen?

Last 3 seasons they have finished 13, 14 and 10 points behind. I think it should be much closer than that. One of them years is 3rd.
Bayern have not been outstanding in that period of time even if they are the pedigree club. I dont think its unrealistic too have think you should have done better.
Turning a 30 million profit off Haaland for that and a DFB cup is a fail for me.


Bayern Munich has accumulated 78, 82, 78 and currently sitting at 76 with one game to go, in last 4 seasons

They play 34 games in Bundesliga so that is equivalent to gathering 90, 94, 90 and 91 points in PL.

Do you seriously expect Dortmund to fend off Bayern Munich?
Dortmund finished at 76 points, 2 points behind Bayern in 2018-19

Yeah I dont see it as that as the impossible challenge you make out. I think the equation your making with the PL is out of context too.
The Leagues are totally different and why I see points needed more attainable for a title win with a player of Haaland talent.

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When you have a striker and a winger (Haaland and Sancho) banging in 45 goals between them and a generational talent in Bellingham dominating midfield, as well as good cover in other areas it’s the clubs’ managements’ duty to go out and supplement that with 1-2 world class players that can take them to a league title or a CL final.

Massive waste to not capitalise on having players like Bellingham, Sancho and Bellingham in the team when they’re all generational talents.

Football is about trophies and not about your bottom line. Dortmund might as well be coming 5th or 10th with the points gap up to Bayern.


They also had prime Reus and Gotze

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I thought he was carrying a spear initially.

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10 years ago today.


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The day English football changed. Up to the individual to decide how good thats been for the game or not.

Hmm, I see where you’re coming from with this.

I know it’s now a lazy narrative and almost “boomer” mentality to say that football changed with the advent of Sky Sports but I do feel 1992/93 changed the landscape for the worst more so.

To think that Leeds won it in 1991/92 still baffles me. It took 22 odd years for a shock of seismic proportions to happen in the PL.


It’s all just empty gestures, innit? Best to just assume everyone in football, or entertainment more generally, is just full of shit, and only concerned by ethics up until the point at which there’s a chance they might have to sacrifice something.