Manchester City thread

Yeah but people will still tell you that the Liverpool team that won the league at a canter last season are the best PL side ever. It’s actually insane.


They’ll lose the League cup and maybe the FA.

If Mourinho doesn’t win this game I reckon he will kill Guardiola.

Regardless of cities millions, for some reason I can’t hate on them like I do United, Liverpool and Chelsea, I’d sooner see them win the lot than any of those win a single trophy.

Just love that the season United have upped their game, their city rivals have run away with the league. But yeah, let them hold on to telling you that Shaw is the best Left back in the league :rofl::rofl:


Never will understand the love for city because the simple fact is we will ever be able to compete for a period if we never get back too the top like we did with United.
We couldn’t from when Abramovich came in. We never will while they build dynasties. Can give it all the plastic shouts we want but it doesn’t matter.


If you can’t beat them, join them. Football clearly isn’t interested in making it a fair playing field in terms of finances otherwise we’d not be stuck where we are now. FFP is long dead and regardless of Manchester Cities wealth, either you get willing investors into the club and fight at the top or you end up where we are now 🤷


Will the City owners eventually slow down with their injections? Surely at some point the club will be profitable enough to sustain being at the top on its own?
Abramovich took Chelsea to the top and it was clear at some point he left the club on autopilot. There are some injections every so often but that’s to prevent them from slipping out from the elite group or to give them a little when replacing the previous corr of players.

Why slow down? At least from their perspective, it’s a quick way to massage the questionable human rights record in their country, it’s probably fun to be a part of and there will always be the next big player for them to go out and poach. And yeah, the ESL idea will come back again and they’ll want to make sure they’re a part of it. I’m sure if they get to a point where the club is a monster like Real Madrid they might pull back on the funding because the club wouldn’t need it as much but that would take decades.


Awwww good for them. After their 2 billion spent they are finally gonna make a CL final :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


City fans on radio call-ins saying, with a straight face, that they can’t believe they’ve made it to the final :rofl:

Little old city


Even if it’s Chelsea I hope they lose. Wankers

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Sorry can’t share the sentiment. Think my preference at this point is.

  1. City
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Chelsea

Real, city, cancel the season. Those are my sentiments.

Fucking Chelsea Jesus Christ. Such a nothing club these days. Erased their history and bought success and ruined the premier league forever.


As much as I despise the way that smaller clubs like Chelsea and Man City have bought success, it does show that it can be done.

There are other clubs who have also spent big but have not been as successful.
The oil rich clubs have not only spent big, they are decisive and will not tolerate mediocrity.

They also employ the best managers, then back them fully in the transfer market and will not settle for anything less than success.

If you look at Man City, their best players have been De Bruyne, Sterling and Aguero but the rest of their squad, especially their defence, might have been expensive to assemble but there were no players they bought that were world class, like Stones, Walker, Dias, Zinchenko, Laporte, etc, and most of their players we could have afforded.

What they did was employ the best people who knew what they were doing to run the club and then give them the backing to make them successful.

We have an owner who could have easily done what they have but he is incompetent and only here to make money for himself.
He chose not to invest what it takes to make us even challenge for the title, let alone win it.

Was there some doubt about it?

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Tbf to them, while they’ve had the money they have also spent it smartly.

We have pissed hundreds of millions up the wall.

Other rich clubs haven’t had the success city have.

Anzhi, PSG, Zenit etc.


Please fucking win the final you cunts.

Which is why a lot of the commentary surrounding the Kroenke’s just needing to “spend some fucking money” is lazy, because the biggest issue isn’t that they need to invest more. Of course part of the gap we need to make up will be done so by investing more, but in terms of the shere numbers we’ve easily invested enough to be doing a hell of a lot better than 10th. Having the money isn’t enough if you don’t have a brain.


But they were little old City. What’s often lost with City is that a lot of their fans were there in Division 1 and 2. They were in division 2 as recent as 1999. We can hate the club and how they’ve done things, but a majority of the fan base hasn’t been bought. They probably never even dreamed that they’d be playing in a Champions League final, so yeah I can believe that this is emotional for them.


There have been other clubs who have spent big but without anywhere near the same success.
Also, although Guardiola has spent a lot, very few of the players were world class when he bought them and most of the players he did get we could also have got as well.
Man U have spent massive amounts on ready made, world class players and still haven’t won the title.

Getting a top manager and then backing him in the transfer market is what they did and we could easily do the same if we had ambitious owners.