Manchester City thread

You reckon they pull it off?

I’ll say they’ll fall short, I’ve never seen any English side do it because it’s just that hard.

Thinking they’ll win 3 of the 4 as they did in 18/19.

Can’t believe I thought at the time of Pep’s extension it was a bit of a surprise and his cycle might have been coming to an end.

18 consecutive wins in all comps and 13 in the league :joy:.

When everything is said and done he may (assuming they win the CL which I think they will) be thought of more as a City coach than a Barcelona coach.

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So Bayern Munich with 23 hold the most consecutive wins record amongst the big 5 leagues, Manchester City currently sit on 20.

If Man City win all 4 comps this season,

Pep > Alex Whiskey Breath

runs away


As long as Pep doesn’t win the CL, his stint with City win be a glorious indequacy

I think the legend of Pep will always be first associated with his first(I think there will be a second at some point) run as Barca coach.
I’ve never been intimidated by a football side more in my life than his(and Messi’s) Barcelona back then.


Ive been contemplating this for a while now and reluctantly might have to agree on this.
Don’t think it’ll happen anyway though.

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Meh Wenger >>>> P€p, $af, K£opp combined.


Haha, that’s sick :joy:

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12 points clear in the league with 12 games to play, if they can beat Man United next weekend Pep can really choose whatever lineups prioritising CL football without much compromise in the league.

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