Manchester City thread

ADL is crazier than a bag of cats.

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Should have signed for us.

Then there would be no need to have signed Soares.

That bald man is a disease.

Who? Never seen him linked to us before? haha

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Was linked to us Barca and city this Jan.

We needed a RB. He chose City over us and Barca.

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I wonder what his second choice would have been.
Barcelona or us? :wink:

Turned 18 a few months ago, clearly going to need some seasoning.

Wouldn’t have got any game time for us at this stage.

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Exactly, hes so young and wouldve been 17 when he signed for us, who is this Rehnato? What a fucking idiot.

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He would have got more game time than at city though.

With AMN wanting to leave, and had we signed him instead of Soares, he’d be second in line. Then you figure Bellerin’s injury troubles, he’d have got minutes for sure.

As Cedric did.

But, I bet if he was here maybe AMN would leave so I’m okay with how things transpired.

Hes never played an actual game, his built like a stick and 5 ft 5. He would not be playing here over cedric/amn/Chambers/Nelson.

Its such a non-tweet and I hate these people get attention lmao.