Man Utd - Arsenal (Premier League)


playing 3 at the back really exposed us


It’s shocking isnt it


Both sides have lacked talent :joy:


SAF just being in the building makes our team crumble.


Yep I’m very surprised we haven’t moved to a back 4 with Lichsreiner at LB.


Defo feels like a game Man Utd will nick. And boy will they celebrate it like a title win


Most of our offense has come through Kola… need him forward.


Team talk - Defence: I’m far from pleased with what I saw from you today
Defence: Looked Angry



Better pass there and Auba is causing trouble.


I like Emery’s aggressiveness, but sometimes you need to hold it a little bit and control the damage instead of all or none


See that’s where you’re going wrong, you’ve got to say it “aggressive” :joy::joy:


Lol so not a foul, but still FUCK Mourinho such a cunt.


Tbf our goals were shit too lol.


I think it’s we’re showing a incredible restraint not nailing Mourinho in the face with a wicked screamer of a shot. It’s what I would do if I was on the field.


The last time this was a midweek PL game at OT between us was the WILTOOOOORD game in 2001/02


Then he goes and shakes some little kids hand lol, alright he’s not so bad after all.


If you’re gonna pick holes like that, the whole irrationality of football fandom will be exposed and everything will come crashing down.


Bailly has had the beating of Auba all night


Just give us the final whistle and let us go home with a point pls


Leno ffs