Man Utd - Arsenal (Premier League)


I can’t watch this anymore our defence just makes me age like 40 years


This game has absolutely come to live :flushed: Who the fuck knows what will happen next. One thing for sure is that it’s a perfect illustration of why I wasn’t 100% confident about starting this game.


This is peak old Trafford

Take the lead twice and still lose


Virus unleashed


Ah, Arlo, Dixon and that Chelski cunt… much better than McManaman.


Lovely attempt from Auba


Ohh auba


what a strike by auba good save tho


Not going anywhere with our defence, but then we knew that before the game


De Gea saving them again now


Our defensive organisation is non existent :sweat_smile:


One for the cameras from De Gea


My stream is so behind I’m watching this thread more than the tv


2 - 2 draw here is honestly a great result for us but I have major doubts we’ll hang on here.


It’s jsut shit both their goals could’ve been avoided


Whatever happens come the final whistle, this game is the perfect example of the work still very much needed at improving this team long term. I still can’t believe the manner we conceded both goals so quickly after scoring ourselves. Once could be considered unfortunate, but twice is unforgiveable from our defence.


If there was mosaic to cover Emery’s face, I thought Klopp was coaching us…


We look so leggy


Chelsea are actually losing. We should have taken the 1-2 and not defended so stupedly.


Quite strange how Aubameyang always seems to get back at left back before our actual left wing back does.