Man City vs Arsenal (FA Cup) 1-0

Nah that would be the League Cup, Europa Conference and FA Cup.

We’re looking at the Sainsbury’s Finest Treble.


This is last round that has replays to be fair. From fifth round onwards, the ties will be settled on the day.

Zinchenko needs resting.

They will try to injure him

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It’s gonna be the same team as Man Utd bar Martinelli, White and Ramsdale.

I’d trade getting knocked out here for 4 points in our two league games against them tbh… I am all about title.

Good thing it doesn’t work that way, so i will watch and hope for a victory. I voted City simply b/c that is my gut and it is in Manchester, but I reckon it will be an interesting match. Need big Willy to put Erling in his pocket.


Erm, who wouldn’t? :rofl:


start Trossard in this one, maybe the new centre back as well if he’s ready

I’d go wholesale changes. Doubt it will happen but really think ESR and Trossard should be getting starts here.

At very least Partey, Saka and Odegaard shouldn’t be risked.


Trades don’t exist in football. So I think I’d like a win here and a win in our league games, thanks.

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Be interesting on Peps selection. Lose this and with the gap in the League, Europe will be their best shot at a trophy.
By the standards they have set, that’s a bit of a shocker.
Shown enough and have the pedigree to turn things around but the feel isn’t around them this season.
I think he will go strong and no chance for Philips or the dodgy keeper unfortunately. Think they’ll shade this one 2 1.


yeah dont be doing that Jesus, i rather come back and stay back than to be back for 1 match and out for the season.

I don’t want to lose anything. Ever.

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8 days until our next game. No change we are rotating


I’d like to see ESR, Vieira, Turner, and Lokonga.

One of the big lessons of last year is don’t put yourself in a situation where your backup players don’t see the field for three or four months straight, because if you need them they won’t be ready at all.

Vieira and ESR both really need minutes. If there’s a chance we might need Sambi during a critical period this spring (as shit as that prospect sounds), then he needs to get some minutes too. Turner also needs to stay sharp. And the Europa league R16 is still like 5 weeks away.

I’m less worried about players like Trossard, Tomiyasu, and Tierney because I’m pretty confident those guys will play in league games, at least as substitutes.

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He is out.

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Pep might do some rotating, but there is no chance Arteta will.

You get the feeling that this is a game that both Mikel and the team have been looking forward to.

Lakonga then. Last chance saloon for this guy.

Partey seemed out of it first half of the Utd match. Needs a rest and avoid injuries at all costs.


If we’re 1 down with ten minutes left how hard do we chase?