Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


I don’t think you can sign Malcolm without guaranteeing first team football


I’d say Mustafi isn’t that unlikely considering how close he was to leaving this summer, I’d go as far as to say I’d be more likely to put money on him going rather than staying.

Even if that leaves us needing to make a couple of purchases in that area. Given we’ve just moved on Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott (60 goals last season) in January, I can totally see us being happy to shake up defence in the summer.

Aside from the cups I’m basically writing off this season, but I’m allowing myself to be a bit excited about next season now. January suggests to me that we are entering a bit of a new era.


Defence is going to be a bit of a juggling act yep, I’m also wary of losing too much experience from the squad at any one time, but I don’t see Mustafi as being remotely near the inspirational leader we need at the back. So I’d sell him, let BFG get to work at Colney, be realistic about Koscielny’s workload for next season and buy at least one new centre back


Of course you can, he wasn’t necessarily going to get it at Spurs. He doesn’t get to demand first team football at a top club.

The rub was it’s a World Cup year which means he knew he wouldn’t be playing all the time as he is now.


Is it to early to say




Makes absolutely no sense. I’m going to have to question the mighty moley here.


Made sense to me.


So we didn’t want to buy him now because we wouldn’t have him until the summer, so the solution is we’re going to wait until the summer to get him, so that we can have him in the summer except with potentially more interested parties.


And the chance they ask for more dough if he has a very good season.

It seemed as if it was either Auba or Malcom which is just stupid but hey ho.


Yeah makes no sense to me either. In both scenarios he’d arrive in the summer.

It would make far more sense to buy now, loan back, and then bring him back to the club at the end of the French season.


Man, sven’s killing it.


The difference could be the availability of more money in the summer. Don’t ask me to explain that as I don’t keep up with our finances, but it could be budgetary reasons that mean we’d prefer to purchase in the summer.

Maybe something like not wanting to splash £40m now and let them keep him only to see him do his cruciate ligaments or break a leg, meaning we have an inexperienced youngster with an unsure future due to injury.

Fucked if I know. But I don’t think the tweet is necessarily as illogical as being made out.


@Craigie @Jules

For all we know there could already be an agreement behind closed doors for us to get him in the summer. Like we did with Podolski, which wasn’t public news at the time either :wink:


I guess it’s a risk either way. Buy now and risk injury, or buy in summer and risk paying more.


Hilarious thing about this window.

Our net spend was £7.5 million


Was certainly a good window.


If he went to the WC we should get him in june before it is too late. I am sure it’s gonna be the case with Sven though.


Even if he went to the WC(which I doubt), I doubt he’ll play enough to increase his value.

I even doubt his value will increase between now and the start of next transfer window.


Look m8 that’s not what moley said. And we all know moley is now the number 1 legit ITK :giroud2:


His name just reminds me of