Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Would be peak Wenger to back out of this. Guy really has no idea what he’s doing.

Feel like we can do better than Malcom but the age and profile is exactly what we should be going for at the moment, needs to forget about trying to be competitive right now, it’s not gonna happen. Try and build something for the long term.


Out the 3 this one is the least likely to happen. There really hasn’t been much ironclad stories like the others. (In the Guardian, BBC, Bild etc)


I can’t see the man still being employed here but…here we are.


We should have sold him and got a replacement who would have been settled in by now.

All we have is another season written off because our manager is a complete shambles in the transfer market.


It could be Wenger is feeling the pressure and the club is putting out rumours about several decent players, that might keep the pressure off of him until he starts winning again.
Then when the window is closed he will say, it’s all ok, we only need one player to replace Sanchez.

Wenger has never bought more than one top quality player in the same window and I don’t think he is going to start in this window.

It will be the same tired excuses like “we tried” “they didn’t meet with our valuation” “we couldn’t get the deal done.”
We might buy one player, but I doubt it will be a swap deal with Man U, and only if Sanchez leaves, which I’m not convinced he will.


You’re so incredibly pessimistic in almost every post lol.

Chin up son.


Don’t confuse pessimistic with realistic, in fact I’d say @InvincibleDB10 is optimistic at the moment, he thinks Wenger will be gone at seasons end, I’m certain we are going to be stuck with him for 18 more months.


Saying the club could be putting out rumours about all these players to alleviate the pressure on Wenger is just bleak though.

That’s not how Arsenal do things.


But I’ve seen it all before, and almost every prediction I made in the last couple of seasons has been right.
I don’t claim to be any sort of ITK, but to me, and a few others, everything that has happened this season was too predictable and obvious not to happen.


I think the sentiment is often fine but @InvincibleDB10 man, you’re just so relentless haha.


Yeah and if he mentions Özil leaving one more time, someone should just remove his fingers :hipster:


Would be good to see it happen to become more positive. You have to recognize is hard to believe that Arsenal will bring 3 top class players in one window.


I don’t think we’ll get 3 of them but 2 is a distinct possibility, Wenger’s power is clearly being diluted properly for the first time and we could be about to reap the first benefits of that.


Sanchez and Walcott out and two in sounds reasonable but there’s no way Arsenal are proactive enough to identify the need for an attacker to replace Welbeck and/or Ozil and bring them in early to get settled while those players / wages are still here.


Malcom and Auba at this point. Just accept cash for Sanchez.


Give us a midfielder
Give us a midfielder


We need a top central defender too. But it probably won’t matter since Arsene doesn’t know how to build from the back and coach them appropriately.


I’d say two. Mustafi is a big question mark, Koscielny is injury-prone, Mertesacker will retire in june and Holding and Chambers are raw.


What about the other french dudo that we signed along with Jeff, hist last name i think is fortune?


Mustafi is a very good defender, but he needs to be coached and play in a structured defensive system that works. We saw against Bournemouth (their first goal) exactly how disoriented and out of position they all were.
Holding I would keep and give him next season atleast. He has shown that he is capable to perform at a high level, although not very consistently. Chambers on the other hand has not impressed me at all. Some say he was good for us the first games when he arrived. I beg to differ because he was mostly lucky, seeing how out of position and poor his decision making was/is.