Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)



tbh before we were linked with him the other day I had never even heard of this guy, I’m not really that bothered if we sign him or not but if we do I will get behind him and judge him after he’s played for us


North London is still red :kos2:


If we get Martial then that means no Lemar in the summer imo. But player swap deals are always bullshit they never happen.


Ashley Cole and Gallas!!!

Ibrahimovic and Eto’o!!!



Another reason to hope we sign Martial then.

Ah fuck




What’s shocking about that?


Think he was being ironic.


Fuck me, lol.


You drink too much Tio Pepe :wink:


So was the report about City giving Sanchez that huge 30m signing on fee if he waited for summer bull shit? Because if not we should just make him stay if we aren’t getting Martial. Make Sanchez stay and see how desperate United are to sign him before January ends. They might crack and give us what we want. United still probably have ideas of winning the CL and Sanchez isn’t cup tied and could help them there.


Martial also apparently was in no circumstances interested in coming here.

Understandable I guess and fair enough if we actually tried.

Don’t actually care much about this situation either anymore. Just want Wenger to fuck off


I agree.
Don’t give it.

Wenger, please, be a MAN, for at least once after all these years.
Say no to United, say no to the cunt Maureen.


I care, because this is the time to define who you are.

A man, or a cunt.
You love the club or you are just bull shit.
You do the best for the club, or you are simply a dumb.



That was akin to Sheldon detecting sarcasm better than Patrick Jane.


How the fuck can people still not want us to sell Alexis? It’s time to move on. (Well, not really, it was time this summer, or before.) Get as much as we can and try to rebuild this squad.



I want to sell Sanchez also… but how much we are going to get from this? 20m??

Maureen has a long history of haunting us, mocking Wenger… he is NOT JUST a manager from any club, or simply just a rival.

We sold RVP to United once, and helped them to be the champ.
Do we want to sell Sanchez to them again, strengthen them, and give ourselves a hard time to getting back to top 4???
If we don’t have a choice to strengthen our opponent, sell it to City, in a cheaper price, sell it to Liverpool in a discount price. I will make Maureen/United suffer from this also.

I don’t know if it is right or wrong to deal with devil, but if you do, make sure it is on our fucking term, not Maureen/United’s.

20m is something, yes… but don’t forget we have about 200m reserve fund… we are not a poor club that desperately need to sell our players.

Give us what we want, or you just fuck off, United. Without 20m, Arsenal is still Arsenal.


Can’t see Wenger bringing in Malcom, Mkhi, and PEA. Have a bad feeling about this one for some reason.


Maybe this is the new wenger that has seen the light and will deliver us from doom :henry2: