Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Good photoshop tbh

Lol, have we backed out of signing Malcom for a soon to be 29 year old who hasn’t seen good form for over a year?




Maybe meaning sold but not leaving until the summer? The player has got his head turned now, bigger city, bigger wages, bigger league, bigger club. He’ll be ours.


You forgot “bigger twat at the helm”.


I don’t know if Bordeaux will want to sell to a potential 2018-19 UEFA league rival.


the last time we signed a player from Bordeaux look what happened


Don’t write him off immediately. Let’s see him first. Can’t be worse than Walcott and Welbeck.


Good old Chamakh.

You know a player is going to be shit when his YouTube compilation before you sign him is 75% near misses hahaha


Every compilation I saw my overwhelming reaction was “oh nicely done Gourcuff”.



Edit: ops wrong thread. :joy:


No chance Mourinho will give us Martial.


No effing chance. Media is cruel as fuck.


That depends entirely on how much he wants Alexis.


Who does Mourinho hate more, Wenger or Guardiola?


Guardiola, Wenger has been reduced to a figure of mockery


Probably not outside the realms of possibility that Mhkitaryan is included in a deal.

Martial sounds like a real long shot. Although Mourinho getting shot of younger players and buying the finished product is the way he manages. If he wants Sánchez that bad and is afraid City will take him then he may be desperate enough to cut a deal with us. This is all contingent on Martial taking a step down to join us, which he probably won’t want anyway.



This is only viable if Wenger says Martial or no deal, which he won’t because it means he will lose Sanchez for free which he won’t. Also Sanchez wants to go to United and Wenger being the good Samaritan taking care of his babies will work in his best interest too.

Player, Player + cash or all cash are all options in front of Mourinho before he even has to consider giving us Martial.

And he can still get Sanchez in the summer if not now.


Why is Martial so unrealistic (apart from obviously not wanting to join a shit team)?

He’s clearly not a favourite of Mourinho and if Alexis turns up which player is he going to replace if not Martial?


Mata. Rashford. Mkhitaryan? Neither of these is ahead in the pecking order to Martial, they are all used in rotation.

Because he is 22 and has a 60mil market price evaluation? There is no way want away free to go Alexis Sanchez is worth that much to Mourinho.

Mkhitaryan and Mata are both priced around the same value Wenger expects to get for Sanchez, both not Mourinho’s favourites, both aging players on the decline, both players Wenger might like and need. He can even chuck in an out of favour defender like Blind, Darmian or Shaw to make the deal sweeter for Wenger before he parts with Martial.