Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


After today’s game… Does he want to come still???


Going by market prices this lad can’t be very good

I mean £45 million only buys an average player these days. Fact he’s 20 suggests he’s not a hot prospect


Should be an upgrade of Iwobi at least


that’s like saying dog food is an upgrade on dog shit


£45m for a 20 year old from a small French club is still a fair whack imo


A small french club who have won their league morer recently than us :wink:


This is the new Wenger standard… Unfortunately



It’s sad I don’t care about us signing a great young player from Brazil :disappointed:

Arsenal have ruined everything enjoyable about supporting a club


Arsène :wink:



Good. Just don’t let Wenger doing anything FFS!


eh? he starts on feb 1st but is negotiating…something aint right there!


Nah, nothing wrong. He just can’t sign any paperwork is all.


oh ok, i thought that he literally couldnt do anything for us until his contract starts.


I hope all these signing are happening in spite of Wenger rather than with his approval. Would show we are finally coming to the end



Exactly. Wenger needs to get isolated.


Just chuck another £10M at them Wengah, JUST GET IT DONE FFS.


Arséne Mugabe isn’t making the deal, tbh. Thanks god.