Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


He’s 5’7 apparently, around the same as Alexis. I hope he finds a girl tho something that dog licker Alexis could never do :grinning:


I wonder who he’s talking about


Right now Malcolm is one of the top under 21s in world football and performing better than Mahrez. He’s performing at the same level as Hazard was at the same age. We’d be lucky to have him in all honesty.

You’ll moan about anything but this one is particularly silly given how good Malcolm might be in 2-3 years and in 18months we won’t be able to get him


I don’t know why we’d wait until the end of the season. What harm would bringing him now do?

If Alexis stays or goes our biggest missing piece is still a winger that can play on the right.



I’m looking forward to the M Express next season. Malcom, Mkhi and Mesut :sunglasses:


Fucking this.

We are miles off the pace, we should be bringing in the goals and skill this guy seems to have regardless of Sanchez leaving…


That’s why I said I have no problem signing Malcom as long as we get Mahrez as well.

I’m fed up with buying potential and then waiting for them for a few seasons.

Next season we will have no world class players and we are desperate to get some.
If that’s moaning, I’m sorry, but I expect a bit better from a supposedly top European club.


Probably Malcom or they have got Pavon


Why is this contingent on Sanchez leaving? Arsenal need to be bringing in players like this regardless.


If true it’s because Wenger is as foolish as ever, you bring in the player first and sell second. How many times has not doing so burnt clubs in the past?


Hard to get to optimistic about this guy, Lacazette was regularly scoring 20+ league goals in France and he looks like a pretty poor player in the EPL. Then again I’d be excited by Fekir and he’s in the French League.


Yeah, I don’t get it.

Arsenal should be bringing in promising young talent regardless. Perhaps, you might convince a player like Ozil to stay.

The club’s inability to operate in the transfer market other than in a knee jerk fashion is maddening. Not learning from past dithering and missing out is foolish.


Announce him soon!


Wenger to come out with ‘we’re not close to signing anybody at the moment’ after the game


Malcom has changed his mind



If Bordeaux were watching that performance I would imagine they have just stuck another 10m on the price tag.


We still look like a fucking dream compared to Bordeaux.


Are we? Some might prefer to be a fan of bordeaux than us, at least they have a squad which is pulling in the same direction and the fans arent toxic with a terribly outdated shitbag dictator cunt manager.


Despite this shower of shit hovering over the club we are definitely more of an attractive destination.