Malcom (Filipe Silva de Oliveira)


Yeah lately Wenger has lost his mojo in identifying top talents.
There have been so many young talents capable of becoming first teamers that it is annoying that we didn’t even land one.


We’ve been saying for ages we need to take a gamble on highly rated youngsters BEFORE they turn world class and become unatainable. Malcom could be just that.


I think, and please take this with a grain of salt because I have 0 inside knowledge, that Arsene is the one holding the club back from really pivoting to the Dortmund/Napoli model.

I wrote a long post a while ago about whether or not Arsenal should embrace selling culture and become a Dortmund/Napoli club. Basically the club would focus on buying players in the 18-25 age bracket, train them up and then start flipping them.

The problem as I see it is that up until a few years ago you could still find promising players and sign them for (comparatively) not a lot of money. Things changed when ManU signed Martial for a huge fee.

Besides, if Neymar is going for more than 100m, if Coutinho is going for more than 100m you could see a scenario in which … let’s say Watford wanted 30m for Richarlson.

Arsene doesn’t want to pay those fees. Hopefully the introduction of people on the business side who outrank Arsene in terms of pulling the trigger on signings will help. I’m very skeptical, unfortunately.


I find Malcom bit ordinary but i guess Milinstat knows better.

I agree but sidenote will fans agree to this?
We were exactly that during 2006-2012


It depends. I believe fans want something different at this point.

If the club is transparent about its intentions I think people will be more on board.


He just did this.


:facepalm: Now that’s a +€20 mil extra on the price!


Who would have had to stop and pass sideways / backwards if he was Arsenal, none of that direct nonsense.


Chamberlain-lite imo.



Good post.
We will find out when Wenger leaves who has been the party responsible for our lacklustre transfer windows.

I agree.
Rather than listening to Gazidis and Wenger droning on about how “we could afford any player” and that “we weren’t afraid to spend,” if they had said we have limited spending, then I’m sure a lot of supporters wouldn’t have the same expectancy.

Wenger and some of the board have misled and lied to, as well as being disrespected, the very people who pay their wages, and then wonder why there is discontent among the supporters.


Nothing special about that imo


Lineup is weaker without Alexis; unless we can get a deadly RW too.

Needs to go back to 4 at the back.





From the few mins I’ve seen of him he seems quite Zaha like making dribbles like that one today, and he also has some good long shots so Coutinho like too. But Ligue 1 is quite bad and he’s only 20. We should take the risk anyway


He is worth taking a punt on, as long as we get a player like Mahrez as well.

Buying a player like Malcom to replace one of the best players in Europe and expecting him to do the same job is ludicrous.

We need proven top quality and Mahrez fits the bill.
Malcolm doesn’t.






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Wtf the guy is so small


Hey, there is nothing wrong with little people!