Ludogorets Razgrad vs Arsenal (Champions League)


I’m not saying we should go for wholesale rotation but bringing in Giroud, Xhaka and Gibbs should only be a good thing. Sub Ozil and Sanchez if we’re winning by the 60-70th minute mark.

Shame Perez is injured.


It’s not that simple. It’s not that they can’t handle it, but it’s about having them at their maximum performance levels for a massive fixture. We’ve already seen how Alexis, Özil, and Walcott’s performances have suffered in their 3rd game in 7/8 days against Burnley (this was not really defensible, tbh, that they should look so jaded in that game, and I said so when Wenger used tiredness as an excuse for the performance) and Boro (the second unnecessarily due to the pretty ridiculous team selection at home vs. Ludogorets), I can’t believe we’d be bitten a third time.

Ludogorets have shown they’re a team that likes to play on the front foot, go there with a counter attacking approach and a rotated team, it might even be a chance for us to see that mythical Ramsey who plays in a free role in a counter attacking team with space ahead of him!


Believe it or not Burnley might actually know how to defend. Hell even this weekend they defended everyone’s right to lol at United.

People play far too much FM and FIFA when they think that at this early point in the season we should be resting players like our lives depended on it.


Never played FM in my life, and FIFA I’ve played to cap off a night drunk with friends, so yeah, think it’s fair to say it’s not influencing my opinion here cariño. :wink:


I literally couldnt care if we get thrashed 7 nil in this game, I just want everyone fit for what will be an incredibly tough game at the weekend.

We happen to be in a healthy position in our CL group, we will qualify regardless the result of this match. We have the opportunity to make sure (the means which we control) that everyone is in tip top shape for Spurs.

The title race is ridiculously close right now and we have the chance to prioritise it. Not to mention its gonna be another tough November.


We haven’t won a PL NLD since March 2014. Has to be the biggest wait in years? Need to beat these cunts we are long overdue a win


Fuck that noise.

Finishing top in our group is a priority.


Ok maybe a slight exaggeration there. But does finishing top of our group really mean that much??Ultimately it’ll probably just mean getting knocked out in the quarters rather than R16.


That’s a huge fucking deal to me. I FUCKING LOVE the Champions League.

Just look at United and Pool fans, they’d murder their mum to even be in the group stages.


Can appreciate that, dont get me wrong I love those CL knockout nights too. Even though most of the time we are underdogs, we always turn up in great support and usually give it our all. However finishing top doesn’t necessarily mean we will get an easier draw, certainly not enough to risk injury/ fatigue in a match like this surely.


Start Ozil and Sanchez, take them off at 2-0 in the 2nd half.


Untill we win the fucking Premier League the Champions League is more of an annoyance to me tbh :sweat_smile:. I’d love for this tournament to go back to the old format of 16 actual Champions. But money I guess.


So Cazorla, Theo, Sanchez, Ozil and Iwobi we would want to start again Spurs.

For people who want wholesale changes what team do we play tomorrow? Xhaka, Elneny, Ox, ??, ?? Giroud?


The likes of Beilik, Maitland-Niles, Zelalem, maybe throw a few lucky fans in there too.


I wouldn’t have a problem starting those 4, ospina and the rest of our starting 11.


Get the job done and then take players off to rest them.

The whole point of being a top European club is to go for the big competitions.

So what if we have to play two big games in a few days.
That’s what being a big club is all about.

We are playing Ludogorets Razgrad not Barcelona, so I wouldn’t imagine our best players like Ozil and Sanchez are going to be over stretched in that game.

Rest your best players in the FA Cup and League Cup not the elite competitions.


     Jenkinson - Holding - Gabriel - Gibbs

               Xhaka - Elneny

 Oxlade-Chamberlain - Reine-Adelaide - Perez



Perez is injured.


Forgot about that. Out until December. Our wide options look depleted for cup games or games against teams like Ludogrets.


Xhaka-Elneny (cause we all know Coquelin is starting against Spurs over Xhaka unfrotunately, might as well rest him)