Ludogorets Razgrad vs Arsenal (Champions League)


Ludogorets Razgrad vs Arsenal

Match Day 4
Tuesday 1st November 2016
Kick Off: 19:45
Vasil Levski National Stadium

Group A

1 Arsenal | Pts: 7
2 PSG | Pts 7
3 Basel | Pts 1
4 Ludogorets | Pts 1

  • Ludogorets Razgrad Win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal Win

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Midway through our group games now in the Champions League and still much to play for with PSG level on points with us. We travel to Bulgaria where I suspect our opponents will be a lot more coy of our game this time around and will try to thwart us of taking all 3 points.

Recent fitness issues regarding Lucas, Theo, Nacho and Cazorla are a hit to the squad and may well limit us in rotation as we keep an eye on the North London Derby the following Sunday. I think Wenger will utilise much of the same line up and game plan that he used on Saturday against Sunderland.

Let’s try and keep the gravy train rolling with this game, professional performance needed and lots of energy conserved for the game on the weekend. I’ll happily take a low scoring game in heed of what’s ahead.


I still wouldn’t play Cazorla. Need him fresh to face the Scums.


I wouldn’t play Alexis or Ozil. Rest them for the NLD.

We should still get a 2-0 victory and actually look good for top spot :open_mouth: lol


I’d probably rest Sanchez and Ozil and one of the centre backs, I want us to be cherry ripe for the NLD. Im going to say a 1-1 draw in this one, I think they will be a different side in Bulgaria and we may rest a couple.


Yeah, can we please just go out with a coherent, conservative approach and look to win ugly with lesser players?

Xhaka-Elneny (cause we all know Coquelin is starting against Spurs over Xhaka unfrotunately, might as well rest him)


I’d be suprised if he’s going to rest Ozil and/or Sanchez.


And rightly so. We need to continue our winning formulae and Xhaka coming in gives us the ability to rest Santi.


0-0, or a narrow win. Doubt it will be another rout. A bit like when we smashed Slavia Prague years ago, we went over there for the away game and they just parked the bus and made sure they didn’t get thrashed again the whole 90 minutes.


I hope we send out a fairly strong side (so some resting but not a complete B team) and get three points against these Ludogorets Rasclarts.


Wenger is going to play a strong team. I think its a mistake and would certainly rest Ozil and Sanchez, while also holding back Santi. But I fully expect to see a very strong team. If Wenger put out his best team when they came to the Emirates, he is going to put out his best team when playing them away from home.


Unfortunately this is spot on.


Surely it’s quite a fine balancing act though?

To the people complaining about us playing a strong side against them at home and potentially away: if we offer rest a huge amount of players and drop points, end up finishing second, then get knocked out by Bayern or Barca, none of you will complain about another Groundhog Day CL campaign?

I’m not saying you’re all wrong or anything, I’m genuinely unsure about what the right approach is.


The right approach is to play a tactical game with a lesser side and manage to get the 3 pts. This is what a good manager should be for.


I disagree, it’s all about keeping our form going, winning breeds a winning mentality and should we suffer injuries we should be able to deal with them due to having a squad where no one is a bit part player. Isn’t that pretty much Arsene’s fundamental belief when it comes to his squad? This season for the first time in a long time we actually look like we have spent enough money to create a squad that can challenge on all fronts for a substantial amount of time.

We could rest players like Alexis and Ozil only for them to get injured in training the day before our NLD.


Spurs play a day after us, against a much tough opponent and in a much important fixture.

We need to ensure we give ourselves the best chance of beating Spurs. I’d honestly play a side closer to 11 we fielded against Reading. I don’t buy this ‘winning formula’ BS either, where was it against Middlesbrough? When Key players were obviously fatigued and in turn underperformed? I don’t fancy dealing with a Euro hangover for such an important match

I’m more interested pragmatism Ozil, Alexis and Santi shouldn’t even travel. We should play a B team and hope for the best. The league is everything and should, by far our top be on top focus.


If our players - professional athletes - can’t handle a game on Tuesday night in the finest competition known to football only to turn up for a massive game at home to our NL rivals the Sunday morning then fuck me, they need to get on the special vitamins.


I’m convinced we’ll see Giroud, Gibbs and Xhaka start. I dont think Ozil will be rested as we don’t really have a replacement for him.


Until we’ve actually qualified through the group, we shouldn’t be thinking about resting players. I know we need to strike a balance of not burning players out and rotating, but as @Castiel says, they’re professional athletes. If they’re feeling tired already at this stage of the season, then they need to sort their fitness out.

We’ve messed about in the past over rotating and it can bite us on the bum. Just make two or three changes. Keep the core of the team in action and bring in a few fresh legs.

Plus, there’s no way guys like Alexis and Ozil will want to be rested, regardless of the opposition. It’s Champions League action. The away fans especially, will want to see us put in a good performance with the money spent on travelling there. I believe @Robin_L is going to this one. Are you as well @Gladiator ?


This is what I meant when I said I was unsure about the best approach.

I keep changing my mind about the best approach for this game depending on which viewpoint I’ve most recently read haha.


Exactly, if you want to keep them fresh reduce their training day regimes. Pretty sure Wenger did that a while back with Ozil.