Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


Dont worry they said. Its signed and sealed they said :henry2:


First time I’ve watched him and he looks pretty shit tbh.


fuck off bellend, you always have to go the opposite to whatever everyone else says oooooohhhhhh such a trendsetter :xhaka:


Ouch, cut my finger on all that edge I have :grin:


Don’t take the bait m8


The man literally tackles with his head.

I like.


This. Don’t feed the troll


His conditioning is amazing. Still maintaining his energy and workrate in the 80th min


He’s been outstanding tonight.


Yup. Very impressive.



He’s been fucking imperious in this game you clown


Looks like a handy player. Bracing myself for the inevitable ballsing up of the deal followed by headlines involving the word “gazump” and his inclusion on a “Arsenal’s Almost Signings XI” in a few years.


Y’all are smookkeedd ooouutttt.


The nuances in your opinions are truly something to behold


“Torreira is like a hungry dog and Ronaldo is like a guy with bones in his pockets”



Christ! He was everywhere. What a player! Can see him doing fucking well in the Premier League.


that sounds a bit sexual :arteta:


Absolutely brilliant.some of those last ditch blocks, the fucking header on the ground…

When they were in the ascendency, all their attacks flowed through him.


@Arsenal4thetreble just defer to Sven on this one buddy.


Gary Neville singing his praises after the game :ok_hand:


He’s a wishlist signing no doubt about it, there’s so much to his game and he’s only 22.

Masterstroke by the club when it’s confirmed.