Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)





Double madness!


Just have to wait for Uruguay’s world cup to finish I guess.


…and a new deal for Ramsey, signed and sealed…by the start of July

= Excellent start to the summer window by the new team at Arsenal


It’s done. The media team are preparing everything for the announcement but it will not be until Uruguay’s done playing.


its so cool getting these players, the only thing that sucks is by the time the fucking announcement is done the excitement has abated somewhat. Small fry though i guess, first world problems… just takes the edge off a bit but at least we are getting these players for a change.


yea . The Ozil suprise MOTHAFOCKA signing really was a sight to remember.


Nope. No big names.

Everyone is a failure.

Gonna get relegated and have to sell our stadium to some Russian consortium and beg to share Spurs stadium.


@InvincibleDB10 is that you?


Lol. It’s very solid, but ‘excellent’ isn’t the term I would use for this. A lot of improvement will still need to come from within the squad/Emery’s coaching. Leno and Torreira don’t make us favourites over Tottenham or Chelsea for Champions League qualification.


Can you see the word Wenger anywhere in there?

Didn’t think so :mustafi:


What reason is there for the excitement to fade though?

Is it more exciting to see their names on the Arsenal website or are we more excited to actually see them perform?

These days wouldn’t be surprised if the madness is more interesting to fans than the fuckin football.

Whether that fucker’s announced now or just the day before his debut it shouldn’t dampen the excitement at all.





More reliable than fucking Orny.


I am impressed by this guy. He seems very intelligent and smart in his positioning. Always prepared to take the central defenders place if needed. Not afraid to sacrifice himself in front of a shot and putting in a tackle. This could be a bargain and the signing of the season!


El puto bulldog Torreira!


that is if we do sign him, knowing our luck someone will agree some better terms with his team and him and gazump us. Nothing is guaranteed until he signs on the dotted line.