Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)



Confirmed: he’s very complete. Can play both as playmaker and as DM.


Not confirmed: him being an Arsenal player


Don’t ruin the moment :xhaka:



Come on Luca, you know it’s not official until it’s confirmed by Orny and then on :bellerin:


I know. Just let me enjoy him being a future Arsenal player :xhaka:


Usually you’d just move a thread if you wanted to express this :smiley:


Please don’t encourage him. I don’t want to have to move it back and for it to become a thing between us that results in me being stripped of my rank for insubordination.


I mean, I kind of have to do it now. Just to see how that all plays out. I can then regret my actions at a later date.


Plus, if you lost your rank your girlfriend would probably leave you too



As if I’d tell her, not willing to take that risk.


This thread should not be moved hah it’s under 500 posts of madness jokes and rumours. Clean new thread :wink:



Why do you care so much about this :smile:


I don’t know :joy: it just looks nicer and neater imo :joy:


Just remind her that you met Pires.


Can we fucking say we got him now? :xhaka:


Calm ur tits mate :xhaka: