Lucas Torreira (Out on loan)

Sucks because I think he’d do well for us in his proper role, but the reality is he was a Sven buy for Arsene Wenger. What the team want now is far removed from what those guys were trying to build. Our issues all stem from Arteta not giving a fuck and flogging everyone off that doesn’t suit what he wants his team to look like. It’s devaluing all these types of guys, I guess it doesn’t matter to the club tho cuz they are allowing it to happen. We will probably end up canceling his contract like we’ve done with these other guys.

Yeah, thats all fine, I don’t disagree. I’m not saying we should just give him what he wants or anything. I’m more saying that like we don’t owe him a move to wherever he wants for no money, I don’t think he owes us anything either, so I dont blame him for saying what he said rather than staying quiet to help us get more money for him.


Im probably still pissed off because he cried when Xhaka got abuse off the crowd :pensive:


Shame he is forcing our hand like this, after all he was happy to sign a 4 year deal at us and take the massive increase in wages that came with it.

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Scout the Brazilian/Argentinian market for young talent and then include Torreira in any sort of deal.

EDIT: What he said :arrow_heading_down:

Fucking damn straight we will want something in return, is he fucking high?


I always end up buying Gabriel Menino on FM, great potential and can play right back, defensive midfield and CM, would take a swap assuming FM hasn’t massively over valued him

Menino is the lad Chelsea are trying to get right?


Fucking hell I remember when he was playing in Italy he was touted as one of the best anchors in Europe with the analytics to back it up. Now he’s worth less than £15m and going back to a favela league like he’s about to retire.

He’s been difficult and a sympathise with his recent loss but we’ve made it really hard for him to adapt. My question is why are we even looking at these types of players if we don’t want to use them in their natural position and go on to tank their value.


I think we just got this one wrong. Only Napoli were in for him correct? Wasn’t like there were multiple big clubs lining up for his signature. It could of been different if he had an elite partner next to him maybe but bottom line just not good enough to start for a team that wants CL football


Emery absolutely butchered his career playing him as a #10


Spiteful cunt was raging he didn’t get N’zonzi so he threw Torreira in the mud.

I don’t think we got it wrong. There’s a player in there somewhere. We just didn’t take care of him properly. The same with Gnabry, Guendouzi, AMN, Saliba and many many others.

There’s been no consistency with our transfer strategy for about 5 years now, 2016 we buy Xhaka on advice from the scouts but Musti and Perez are bought by who? Scouts said no. Sven is brought in and starts to try and fix the team. Buys some short term doods but also gets us Geundo, Torreira, and Mavropanos, but Wenger leaves and Emery uses Torreira incorrectly (Mav was just always injured tbh). Except Guendo, he’s playing his best football. Then the rug is pulled out from Sven and our first Emery signing is Denis Suarez, and injured player :joy::joy: Then the Raul stuff, which is fucking insane. Pepe for 72m for Arteta who doesn’t want him and wants an old Chelsea reject in Willian, and then wants to pick a fight with Guendo who was just finding his feet and developing into a talent, so he’s shipped off. And it keeps going on and on and on…

The above is fucking shocking, can’t believe how much of a shit show we’ve become. It screams out for a DOF who has a plan and can hire a head coach who fits in to the vision of whatever that DOF has for the club. Gotta keep the vision consistent tho.


We needed to sign forwards/wingers. We needed players for positions behind the striker. When Suarez was hired we had a small injury crisis. The problem is that we signed the wrong players.

Arteta wasn’t involved when we signed Pepe. That would have been Emery not wanting him.



Wish he would just keep his mouth shut and fuck off quietly. People might say he owes us nothing but a bit of discretion and courtesy wouldn’t go a miss.


Desperate to leave to Argentina and be close to his family. But he’s only prepared to do it on loan so he can be paid his full salary.