Lucas Torreira (11)


Why? He could have actually preferred Napoli as a destination. Especially as a South American player. What’s so wrong with expressing that? Lacazette was actually heading for Atletico and Aubameyang wanted Real Madrid :sweat_smile:.


It’s not a big deal at all and there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with the comments but they aren’t really necessary seeing as Lucas is at Arsenal now.

The negotiations are done and dusted what’s the need to rehash the details to the press?

It’s generally professional to keep particulars of negotiations like this out of the public initially. Rarely anything good come from agents piping up tbh


Unnecessary to say this after joining Arsenal. Obviously he wants to be on good terms with Napoli but you can do that privately.


What’s the need to be so ‘hurt’ about it? Because reading between the lines I get the feeling the ego of you all as Arsenal supporters has taken a little hit because of these comments.


I think you’re reading too much into it tbh, I don’t think anyone seems particularly hurt.


It didn’t take long before the first denial to come in :wink:.


Well you’ve won this round, there’s nothing I can say to counter that haha


Ill just leave this here


Love this about him… so tenacious and competitive in that one on one scenario… he will be fd if you are going to beat him… this resonates with me so much b/c I was also a smaller, scrappier player and I prided myself on being a fing bastard to beat one v one.


That one clip encapsulates why he will be infinitely a better option than the likes of Xhaka.

Look at the wheels and composure he has.


To be fair making a mug out of Bellerin ain’t no feat.


Would like to see him in a box to box role before having him at the base of midfield.

Feel like he would be ideal for that and we might even be alright with Xhaka at the base of midfield if Torreira imposes his all round game there.


Bellerin OUT! :arteta:


Agreed, I think that Torreira could be a great #8 as well but I’m happy that he seems so mature about handling the #6 position and not getting overexcited like most in his age do.
By the way, Xhaka can’t defend. He just can’t.


Yeah, nah.


I want to see him start against Cardiff.
When he has come on in previous games, we look a better team, and he is the type of player we have been lacking for far too long.

I can remember when we were successful we had a team stacked full of players with his sort of attitude and mentality, even if they were about a foot taller than him :grinning:


Bought for 40 mil, never play. Typical Arsenal.


Shock horror, club allows player to settle in new country before letting him play!!!
ffs give him time…


I would be fine with this if we didn’t have Xhaka.


It’s still a little frustrating. Chelsea also brought in a new midfield signing from the Italian league and he’s been playing just fine.