Lucas Torreira (11)


Can’t wait to see Torreira in action.

Can’t wait for the season to start in general.



Tbf i’d choose my number based on who I would be sitting next to, “Either side of Oli G please”


My birthday buddy :heart_eyes:

Might tweet him and ask if he fancies a joint celebration


A defensive midfielder as #11 is just criminal.


Not as bad as Gallas’ #10


I like the look of this lad , he looks a hard , niggling type player who’ll take one for the team . Lucas is going to become a very important player this coming season .




Did seem in general that our players were playing with a bit more of an edge than I can remember under Wenger since the Keown/Vieira days… a little bite from LIchty here, Holding being a little naughty towards end of game, Goozy chasing after his mistake and completing a risky, aggressive tackle (albeit successfully)…

For preseason, I like it especially… we could use a bit of the “Suarez devil” (as AW framed it) in our play.


He had an interception covering for Bellerin on the wing within the first 5 minutes of him entering the match. Don’t think I’ve seen Xhaka do that in 2 years. Obviously he’ll be replacing Xhaka soon.


Should have started.


Unless he’s dead he should be in the team.

It’s that simple.


That ball to Auba :heart_eyes:


Yep the youthful exuberance of Guen/Tor CM partnership is the only thing that might give me hope for this season. Sell Ramsey and Xhaka and start looking for difference makers in midfield. Your Keita, Kante, Milinkovic Savic types.

Torreria was a great start but I think we need to be looking at another hundred million on a CM and CB alone.


Even if he were dead he should still replace Xhaka and we could look forward to the improved mobility around the pitch


Has to start v Chelsea. But I doubt we’ll drop Xhaka. Probably Guendouzi making way.


Sounds like a decision Wenger would make


Tbh even if he is dead, stick that fucking corpse and park it in midfield.


Convinced he’ll be off to Spain by year 3


It’s crazy because Xhaka is the antithesis of an Emery player since he’s slow, cumbersome, lacking awareness and not overly versatile.

Hopefully he’ll be riding the pine ASAP.