Lucas Torreira (11)


Raul: Hey Sven what do u think if this Torreira kid?

Sven: hang on lemme fire up the old YouTube and check out these dank compilations.


Sven: WOW, he’s like a mix of Kante and Veratti, sign him up Raul!!


isnt that what you did you seri tho you tool and all the others you wanted signed…hypocrite. Oh lemme guess you followed his career extensively acting as a scout for arsenal the last 2 years, fucking twat. Everyone looks at 99% of the transers highlights and may have seen a few performances, you aint nothing special, apart from mentally.


You forgot the Sven test.

‘Has he played for BVB? - Nein’
‘Has he played in Deutschland - Nein’
‘Scheisse, youtube it is.’


Yeah he reminds me of Kante. He’s like a little yorkshire torreira nipping at players heels.


One example from the last how many years? Congratulations on totally destroying my argument.

You’re about as useful as a marzipan dildo


Some people might find that useful though…some very crazy people :henry2:


You can just eat the marzipan dildo. Whats not useful about that !





Another neat read about him.

And few pretty comparisons




I want midfielders who can tackle.


Too bad Seri isn’t a DM. He’s a creative player who breaks defensive lines through pinpoint passing and ball carrying. Something we don’t have at all since Santi went down. In a perfect world we’d have shipped Xhaka and bought Torreira and Seri.


He would spend most of the season out injured.


Pretty easy to see which two guys you’d want partnering in our midfield and which one you’d want riding the bench. No use in crying over spilt milk, and you might be right. Let’s see if he can stay fit all year at Fulham and if so snag him next summer.


It’s obvious Torreira has been brought to do what Xhaka can’t.


Mmm, the failed Barca move and the lack of interest by other teams(he moved for less than the price quoted by the president), makes think that there may be something we don’t know about him.


It looks like there are different stats for each player at least in a few cases… hard to read and compare easily this way.


Possibly, really seems odd that Fulham announced this out of nowhere with seemingly no competition. A gamble Fulham we’re willing to make. Plus, if he shows his quality in the League, I’m sure they can turn a profit on him easily.

I’m satisfied with Torreira anyway.


Yep, but not much do, since I can’t afford to pay for Opta(the sad live of a college student).