Lucas Torreira (11)


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Lol definitely not. I’m not that obsessed… yet.


Most of us have been bemoaning the fact that Wenger wasn’t signing players of this kind of age who might be about to have their breakout for ages. This looks like exactly like one of those signings. A club of our stature needs to be going out and signing these kinds of players before they make a step up and then cost enormous amounts and only want to go to clubs who will actually compete for the big trophies.

I’m hyped about this. To say the least.



What’s wrong with 11 for a CM haha? When Özil got the 10 I always thought he’d get the 11 when he was announced


It’s a winger/striker/forward no. Imo.

Only numbers before 11 for CMs should be around 3-8


Torreira has only been in London a few days and he’s already had his watch nicked!


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Alright this guy better produce the goods. Wonder if he’ll replace Xhaka or they’ll play together in midfield.

Edit: oh and btw, the kit looks pretty damn good on him!



Xhaka signed at age of 23




I want the guy to do well, but I’m disappointed in this signing especially when we let Seri go to Fulham ffs. We need technical ability it’s what we lack since Santi. Torreira didn’t show me that at the WC, I mean he was averaging 25 passes per match ffs. Torreira to replace Xhaka I’m completely on board with. We still need a Santi replacement.


We needed more technical ability if we would continue to play like Wenger tried to do. With our own Mourinho-light that’s a lot less of a requisite.


he can be a santi replacement really, he is like a mix of veratti and kante, he has some pretty decent passing and he is great on set pieces. He is more of an all rounder, more than people think, he is more known for his defensive terrier type of playing but he can set attacks on the way and can attack and has a decent strike on him also, he is also quite creative. You should look at some of his compilations.


We are gonna play Mourinho type football? Fuck.

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