Lucas Torreira (11)

“hack Xhaka operation” . :joy:

Yeah I just call him “Xhakalamity” now…

He did well especially considering his age but let’s not act like Guendouzi was class throughout the whole season.

Torreira like plenty of players that join us start off well and tail off, he’ll be fine when he’s fully acclimatised.

@SRCJJ If that’s the case then of course we should sell you don’t want someone playing in such a key position that simply does not want to be here but until he makes that clear that he is truly ubseltted I don’t want to see the back of him.

Torreira isn’t an out and out DM but like you said he’s not being used correctly, that falls on Emery’s head.

I really like Torreira, he’s probably my third favourite in the current team after Aubameyang and Lacazette.
At the same time, Kessie looks an amazing prospect.
In terms of the roles they play, I think Kessie as a goalscoring box to box midfielder will have more of an impact on the average game than Torreira as a deeper defensive player, but we do still need that defensive element to the team.

If they come in and offer Kessie plus 50 I’d definitely take it, (mainly because of what that would old allow us improve in other areas of the team), but I certainly wouldn’t be saying goodbye to Torreira because I don’t rate him.

I’d probably accept Kessie plus 40 as well because that still values Torreira at 70m which is fair. Slightly confused though, because the rumours were they were trying to get rid of Kessie because of FFP, I don’t think buying Torreira is going to help that :joy:

Really too bad someone isn’t hot on Xhaka instead and we could trade him for Kessie…

End of the day, if Torry is going to pine to be away from England and struggle next couple of years and his value is at a nice peak right now, not the worst business if we replace well, but he is definitely one of the more useful/promising of our players right now so it would be a shame.

The problem with all these want away players, is that we never replace our best players adequately, and the more that leave, the more others will want to leave.

Would Torreira want to leave if we were challenging for the title and playing in the CL?
Or is it more to do with us going into a new season, struggling to keep ahead of clubs like Wolves and Leicester?

If he goes, we will not only have to replace him and Ramsey, arguably two of our best midfielders, we still have to sort out CB, LB and winger, with a budget of 40m and what ever we get for Torreira.
That’s just madness.

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Hazard won everything with Chelsea apart from the CL. He wanted to leave.

Ronaldo won everything with Utd. He wanted to leave.


Been reported in the Metro that Lucas Torreira is struggling to adapt in London due to the lack of sun. Give him a loan deal in Scotland and he’ll be begging to come back south.

Good deal?

  • Yes
  • No.

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don’t really care if he goes or stays.

I’ll go with @SRCJJ opinion and Kessie would be better for us

No way are they offering that. But we’d obviously bite their hands off. More likely a pack of peanuts, £90 staggered over 24 months and a loan of Kessie.

Kessie has a better suitability to the system I think Emery is trying to play. I would love to keep Torreira though I just don’t think it’s the end of the world if he does go.

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Sounds about right from Emery.

Ffs this better not have legs and just he bullshit.

I don’t want to get angry at this. Gazidis should have a fucking premium, that bald cunt.

His girlfriend is from Genoa and wants a return to Italy, so I think you all know how this one’s going to play out :eyes:

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If the plan is to keep using Torreira as a #8 then he might as well leave lol.


Exactly why I don’t think it’s the worst move for him. He’s a DM and he’s being played in an unfamiliar role and it just doesn’t suit him. That’s why I’d rather Kessie in his position.

The way I see it, if you’re a midget in the PL then you need to be exceptional. E.g Cazorla, Kante. I just don’t see Lucas exceptional enough to excel in this league. His technical lets him down too much.

There are many question marks like this in the squad. Not looking good for Emery

The side doesn’t feel functional at all

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I agree.
A lot of supporters rated Torreira as our best player, after Aubameyang and Lacazette, and now people are saying they don’t mind if he leaves.
So it just shows how poor our first team is and how lacking in direction we are.

Why don’t we just sack the fool that thinks that’s a good idea?

To accommodate Xhaka of all people?