Lucas Torreira (11)


YESS @Phoebica


So excited by this one


Di Marzio called this first and was always confident throughout. Massive props on the reliability ladder


That’s not quite up there with the “Yo Pierre” announcement, but it’ll do…

Delighted with this deal though. Hopefully, he’ll be one of those players who in the future, other teams’ fans are like, “How was he so cheap? why weren’t we in for him?”


Buzzzzing!! :heart_eyes: Good number aswell


@Titou14 A happy man?


Will join the squad in early August.


They wanted to use one of this two songs for the video presentation but for copyright issues they couldn’t so listen to them and picture Torreira in there.


Love him. Great player, has everything to be world class - talent, technique, determination, character.




Now the Torreira deal is done, Arsenic can finally sleep


Dude can finally have some sleep


Got to say some of our number choices are strange AF.

11 for a CM???

But brilliant signing thank god it’s finally announced


Arsenic is a club legend.


I lost faith in the club’s ability to number players accordingly after we gave Gallas no10!


Kante has 7

We had to up the ante dude


Up the KAnte innit? :henry2:

But I’m getting a bit sick of this, fucking Gallas had the #10 for us, what a disgrace!!!

At least now thank god it’s back to its rightful greatness with :ozil2:


He kneeds a knighthood imo. Arise Sir Arsenic of Arsenal Twitter


Well well well… it’s finally official. How much of our “50 million” war chest have we spent?


50 Million :wenger:


Welcome to Arsenal! Great signing!