Lucas Torreira (11)


Damn, you got the time to do the research??? What impress me most is, you found it and found it quick.

Fuck… that’s impressive.


Torreira is easily our best player as all our other players still play like clueless Wengbois.


You’ve posted two examples. One saying he “could be” our new Santi from someone who states he “does not know much about him” and another post saying a mix of Cazorla and Kante, which is obviously not correct. And you’ve posted one regarding Vidal and Verratti which has nothing to do with Arsenal fans saying he’ll replace Santi.

You’re basixally clutching. Because one or two members might have said it does not mean it was even remotely close to being a commonly held opinion. He was never signed as a Santi replacement, is not a Santi replacement and we probably won’t sign a Santi replacement because anyway.


There’s 3 examples of him either being called a new Santi or mention of replacing him. A few posts above I quoted someone who said the same. And yeh none of them are remotely correct as I pointed out at the time and it still rings true. Stop with the mental gymnastics.

So it went from, I’ve never seen anyone say that’, to ‘well only 3 ppl said that and it wasn’t the commonly held opinion’ :joy::joy: yeah well I never once said it was the commonly held opinion. Let’s examine the context. In the Liverpool thread Torreira’s limitations are being discussed, my comment was that I disputed the claim at the time we were linked with him, that he could bring the same attributes to the team that Cazorla did, and if you look at the conversation I specifically addressed the ppl at the time they said this stuff.


What’s he best at?


Do some not understand be was being used in a totally different way at Sampdoria? Here he’s clearly being deployed as foil to Xhaka to mask his deficiencies which mostly demonstrates his defensive nous.

That wasn’t the case at Sampdoria, get a clue. He has more to his game than he has shown here.

This article explains it in detail.


Trollble should read this before running his mouth off :joy:


Great read. Thanks for posting.


I don’t rate his playmaking in those videos as being too noteworthy. Out of the long passes he does make they aren’t that accurate. He’s obviously never going to be Busquets/Alonso and imo won’t develop passing to the level of an Arteta.

Roy Keane today is remembered for his aggression but look how good his footballing ability was before he even signed for United


Saying that a 22 year old won’t be as good as perhaps the few best players to play that sort of position (which isn’t even 100% homogenous population), including Roy Keane (again, not homogenous), isn’t really rocket science… just on odds alone regardless of how good a player is at any young age, the chances they get to the very, very top of the game are insanely low.

He has done well to come into a fairly shambolic situation and has shown much more than just a destroyer, which is clearly one of his strengths. His reading of the game is fantastic for his age and experience with the team.

Let’s enjoy the fact that he has come into a very discombobulated side (still) in a new and very different league and performed as one of our better players at an age that gives him quite a bit of scope for improvement.


Lol Roy Keane. The ultimate passion merchant


That’s it really, his ceiling is high and there’s more he can add and refine in his game.

Coaching will be instrumental but there’s a lot to work with there, he’s no destroyer. Best case he is developed into a hybrid, there’s a reason some saw shades of the likes of Verratti and Kante when watching him at Sampdoria.


Yeah that was the biggest takeaway from that article… the Verratti comparison… people take those things too literally (he isn’t JUST like Santi, so that is completely wrong lol)… the point is to help explain how a player fits into the team and explain the strengths…

Speaking of Santi, I honestly can’t remember another player quite like him in the last 20 years at Arsenal - if you put all the facets together.


I hated Keane but he was so much more than that.


Yeah Keane was a fantastic player overall… it does go to show that when you start listing these players, they are all a bit different… Vieira, Keane, Gilberto, Busquets, Alonso - I would say there are some commonalities, but also LOTS of heterogeneity in there.


It’s showing what footballing qualities world class DMs had from a young age. Toreira doesn’t have any of these things in his locker.

Now he doesn’t have to be world class, which @SRCJJ thinks he could become. I mentioned Arteta. Is he as good as Alex Song who could ping through balls well enough that saw him with 14 assists in his final season here?

Now I’m not saying he’s a bad player, I’m saying people are going OTT when they talk about his level. And yes I do remember a good few Arsenal fans talking about Coquelin as being the best DM in the league. Short memories people have. People rubbishing Coq now weren’t back then.


Well there is picking a season out for a player to judge and then judging against the top, proven, WC players… is he as good as Alex Song? Yes, I feel quite confident that he will prove to be much better than Song at Arsenal, even though Song had one very productive year (oddly, as an assists man).

I’m not sure what people are saying that is OTT re: Torry, but I’ll take your word for it. As for Le Coq, I think you are either being highly selective in your memory and cherry picking bits, but I would say the characterization was that during a very brief spell, Le Coq did perform at a very high level… the problem is he started to think he was Messi and/or regressed to his mean… I don’t think anyone felt particularly confident about Le Coq being WC.

And why would you rubbish a player who surprises you with a string of fantastic performances?.. just like Ramsey or Nasri - they were amazing for us for a period… doesn’t make them world-class players b/c it takes consistency… but at their best, they were probably the best in the league for that period (Ramsey for sure, perhaps Nasri too).


The thing is you can say ‘Song had 1 productive year’ but as a ball winner his interceptions and tackles show him as a better defensive shield than Torreira. So on that basis I will say yes I believe people are being OTT when they expect him to be much better than Song when he’s seemingly not got to that level yet.

And I haven’t rubbished Le Coq, it’s those that seemingly feel insulted that I compare Torreira to Le Coq that rubbish him. I don’t think Torreira has come close to Le Coq’s break out season yet.


He’s 22 coming into a new league where he was introduced slowly at first. Did u watch him at Sampdoria or just his YouTube?


He clearly didn’t watch him at all.

Just making snap judgements based off of his current role in the team, honestly it’s like he’s assuming the role of a contrarian.