Lucas Torreira (11)


Yeah pretty sure Sven scouts and signs the players. Thats why Emery is head coach and not manager


If Emery doesn’t have a say on who we buy, which I’m not sure is true, I hope he at least has a say on who we don’t keep, because there are several high earning, low performing players, that could do with moving on, that I’m sure he would rather replace.


Whoever signed Torreira, it was a GREAT signing.
I want him and Gou to be our 2 CM for a very long time.


I don’t know why it has to be a mystery as to who signed him. C’mon Arsenal fess up, you pricks.


I’m sure he has some sort of say in the matter. But just look at Sokratis and Leno. It seems pretty clear who the one is that identifies our transfer targets.


This is how it works. Emery points what sort of atributtes the players he wants needs to have. Speed, work rate, capable at various positions, intelligence, team players, etc.Then, Sanhelli/Mislintat find players with those traits and then prioritize for availability, price, contract, age, experience, personality, etc.


I’ve said sometjing similar again but If it wasn’t for this guy we wouldn’t even hack it to Top 6. :joy:


Not necessarily. Clubs are now functioning in a style where everything is an asset, as so the manager too, thus eliminating dependencies. Granted, what you said is absolutely one of the cases but the club can also sign players without the say of the manager.
From what I understand, the summer targets were decided before the deal with Emery.


From where/whom do you understand this?


Various interviews, timing and the choice of players.


I’m sure its partly true. I don’t believe he had no input whatsoever.


Think Sokratis and Guen was signed Sven alone 100%. Rumours were going round way before Emery got the job.

I assume with Leno and Torreira, Emery had a big say


I’ll put Leno in there as well. It’s not the first time we were linked with him and the fact he played in Bundesliga adds more fuel for me. Sokratis confirmed it in an interview that he knew about Arsenal’s interest way before he signed and was specifically asked if he was interested to come and add more experience to our team.
Stephan has been a long time target for Ivan’s team for some reason. They have shortlisted him a while ago.
As for Guen, I do think Unai may have been enquired about him as he played against PSG once I think?


Christmas came early this year :giroud3:


Apparently he didnt get carded this match it was Kolasinac, so he should be free to play against Liverpool. Not sure if it will do much good but it is some good news.


Wonder if Emery gives him another taste of CAM at Liverpool.


Horrible game, but understand he may be fucked from this heavy schedule.

Basically a traffic cone


Can’t exclude him from criticism just because he’s good and an amazing signing.

Indirectly culpable for the 2nd goal, leading to Lightbulb Face’s run on goal and those subsequent crap challenges from Sokratis and Mustafi


Yep he was bad today. Took a ridiculous angle on Firmino for first too, letting him basically glide past him


We need to find him a good partner else he will turn into another Coquelin.