Lucas Torreira (11)


was gonna say at half time that it looks like Torreira will step up with goals as well from this season.
I remember someone mocking a poster with stats of previous seasons on suggestion that Torreira can score as well.
But he is 22 and always looked like he had a shot in him


He’s had two goals and an assist in the last three games.


My love for this guy grows stronger with each passing game.

I won 45 quid on my Arsenal, Man U and West Ham treble so that helps :smile:


The best part of that is those things are just a bonus. I mean, we didn’t sign him for his goal scoring prowess, did we? He’s just all over the pitch, I love him. Defo an Arsenal legend already.

I. don’t want to hear anyone (I’m talking to you Merson) tell me that Shaqiri is the signing of the season again!


There’s opinion like that? Has he been good?




No ego or pretence with this guy, he just gets on with it and is exceptional in everything he does. Perfect player to have in the heart of our midfield as we move away from the Wenger era.


How rare is it to have a player sign for Arsenal and exceed expectations! I feel like Torreira really has fit in so well with the team in such a short amount of time.

The only other player I could think of who’d fit into that category was Santi Cazorla but I don’t know if that’s really fair because he was already a known quantity when he signed for Arsenal.




I can only think of Anelka to exceed expectations.

As an 18 year old he was immense. Almost tragic that he doesn’t get the credit he deserved (although he was playing at the same time as “golden boy” Owen. You can guess who took the headlines)


He’s not without flaws to his game but to be such an influential central midfielder at 22 years of age is pretty special. What an addition to the Premier League.


More goals and assists than Modric, so he’s basically the best player in the world right now.



He’s on 4 yellows so his next one gets him a 1 game suspension. Needs to get a tactical booking on Sunday so he misses Burnley at home. As we don’t want him missing the Liverpool game!


I’d bank on Unai and Lucas to be canny enough for that to happen



Torreira is just another example of why Emery has made such a difference.

We have been waiting for a player like this for far too long, and Emery gets him as first big signing and proves how clueless Wenger had become in the transfer market.

There doesn’t seem to be many weaknesses to his game and his winning mentality is something we have needed since Adams and Vieira.

He is definite captain material.

Let’s hope we see similar top quality signings for the CB and winger positions.


Gary Neville said on MNF that him and Alisson are the signings of the summer as they have dramatically improved their new sides.

Hard to disagree with him tbh


I doubt Torreira was Unai’s recommendation.


Indeed. Our transfer business has one German’ fingerprints all over it.