Lucas Torreira (11)


Arseweb has been going on for years and years.

Really informative stuff. Detailed match reports, anecdotes from fans who went to Anfield in 1989, a whole lot of interesting tidbits. You could be on that website for hours and not get bored.


Wow clicking in there is a throwback. All the ads on the left and weird loading sequences.


This is great


Haha we were linked to Clive Platt of Walsall and Roberto Carlos of Real Marketing in the same close season


My favourite part


Why not? This is the new Arsenal, not the one under Wenger that was stuck in a rut, with absolutely not hope for improvement. Who is to say we don’t keep improving under Emery, add a few more good players like Torreira in the next 2 or 3 windows, and have a team that is capable of standing up to the likes of City and Liverpool and hold their own in the Champion League. If we get there, I don’t think players will want to leave us.


TBH if they came in they could have outbid us on wages/fees for either. It’s what happens nearly every time they come in for the same player. We wanted Kagawa, Depay, Mkhitaryan, Schneiderlin, Martial off the top of my head and they just paid money on each of them that we weren’t willing to match.

Right now their transfer business and incorporation of new players is pretty bad. There’s no long term strategy there


Ugh was furious when they signed Schneiderlin. Thought he would have turned out to be an amazing player. :gabriel:


The compilation we’ve all been waiting for :torreira:


Have to own up and cosign this statement, I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread.

Still kinda convinced he’d have been good for us, despite forgetting he existed at least a year ago because he’s so irrelevant.


Captain next season for me…Give it to him early, make him proud to be a Gunner, a leader, a legend!!!


Ice bath much needed after tonight. Was in the wars.


What a warrior, @Titou14 was right.

Warms my heart when ever I see him on the pitch


Called it before. Should’ve given him #4.


Guess Torreira must’ve got under their skin… Fucking love it :grin:


Loved that, been a long time since we had a player that got the likes of them wound up like that


They were all slobbing over his knob just a few days prior.

He’s got their jimmes rustled to the max.


Brings a smile to my face, think the last time we had a player like that was probably Vieira :call_me_hand:


LMAO f*ing hilarious… so funny to watch fans talk about opposition players…


Literally before the game against them their fans heralded Torreira as the next best thing in world football.