Lucas Torreira (11)


This is what worries me- not to put a downer on the day but when someone mentioned that he could be at Barcelona in a few seasons time, the realisation dawned on me that he won’t be here forever :pensive:


Eh. Whatever happens, happens. There’s really no sense in worrying about it right now. If Barcelona want to buy him in the next 18 months they’ll have to pay a premium. I think people are done rolling over for them.


Fuck Barca, once Messi retires they will be nothing.

But if he wants to go, he wants to go.

No point worrying about the future, being greedy. Just enjoy the now.


Nothing short of a revelation this guy.

I read a fair bit of opinion on rival football fora and most of our opposition fans are quite jealous of us signing this little fella.


Would be cool to read if you have a tab open still and could link me, but don’t go searching :slightly_smiling_face:



Cheers bud. Before even reading the fourth page, I’ve gone back to the first just to soak in the United fans saying they should sign him :sunglasses:


Nothing better than seeing that bunch of twats suffering. They gave it to us hard during the dry Wenger years. Now they can sulk and cry hovering somewhere 7th.


Yeah I love it. When we do well.

Also Its surreal watching Luca’s meltdowns from the redcafe perspective. He gave up on there at half time too :arteta:


Haha he seems much less erratic over there though.


I got banned on RedCafe when United played against Ajax (my home town club) in the EL finale.

I made a point that United for its stature and size of budget and quality of players, played cowardly against a very young Ajax team (at the time the entire Ajax team was less worth than Zlatan alone at United). The usual tripe was hurled that it’s all strategy and tactics to play defensively (sure it is, but still to my opinion it’s cowardly especially for a club like theirs facing a mickey mouse club).

That same lethargic static defensive strategy is used two years later and see how it’s playing out for them now. Most of their fans are disillusioned and the players are mostly lazy and complacent and dislike their own manager.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

We have Ander who did a better version of his performance. But good for Arsenal to get a hard worker


“This kid cost Arsenal 26 million and he’s better than all 3 midfielders combined that Jose spent 180 million on. Jose is completely out of touch with the game today”

This one killed me :torreira:


I like the complaints of " why did we let Arsenal have him?" Like on that page, one guy is wondering why they LET us have Torreira and Auba! As if they have first dibs on every available player in world football. I know Man United are traditionally a big club, but still, that arrogance! You got Fred, deal with it :sunglasses:


No one in their right mind would go to that sack of shit right now, they couldn’t even get a CB in the summer and that was before they were this embarrassing.


Hate reading RedCafe is better than hate reading the Spurs subreddit.

But none of them are as good as the RAWK Meltdown twitter account.


I like reading those better when there’s some ‘pfft, haha no way will Arsenal get him’ comments. Loved reading Liverpool forums when we signed Alexis. :laughing:


Did forums exist when we signed Campbell from the Lane? They’d be worth a read.

In fact, I’m not quite sure how the world just didn’t explode of awesomeness that day


For sure internet Forums existed in 2001, but I’d be really surprised if there’s anything of immediate reaction to Campbell’s transfer to us in existance anymore :smiley: I know some of the really old school members on here saying there was an Arsenal forum of some sorts around that time, pre OA days.

Edit: Check out the first post in the Origins thread on Arsenal boards.


That forum was run by the club I believe. But even in 2001 transfers still broke over teletext :grin: