Lucas Torreira (11)


Obvious thing to say, but the only way we will move up the table and compete closer to the top is by making astute signings like this.

Realistically, we don’t have the appeal / money of some other clubs, so we need to be snapping up shit hot players like this. SVEN DIDNOTMISSLINTAT WITH THIS SIGNING, FUCKING HOME RUN SON


Where is @Titou14?! This is his guyyyy and he just pulled off one of the best NLD performances in recent times




Will be a Barca by year 3 no doubt


Fuck off and let us enjoy this!


??? wut?


I don’t think he’s being overly serious, but I don’t think anyone really wants to read such pessimism right now mate lol


We’re going to need to give this guy a new contract by next season.


Oh didn’t realize Calum was trying his best Luca impression.

It’s not even pessimism lol when was the last time we had a player good enough to poached by Barca but yeah ok i get what you’re saying


I also understand what you are saying :slightly_smiling_face:





He’s OK, he’s no Eric Dier though :unai:


It’s been so long that we have had a defensive ball winner like that. Tough as nails and makes everyone around him better.


Now imagine how unplayable we’d be if we had Santi playing alongside him.


This kid is world class


Torreira Good.


Don’t make me weep


This cat was immense today! Seeing him carve up the Spuds and score that goal made my dick rock hard son!


Only 22 as well, what a player we have on our hands now and what a player we’ll have in future as he improves.