Lucas Torreira (11)


You were comparing him to Kante and saying he was shit :joy:


I never called Kante or Torriera shit not once I was over the moon we got him I said he was like a Kante veratti hybrid and a4tt took the piss you are talking to a4tt in this post


He’s talking to a4tt there. Your post is just contained in the response he’s quoted.


Pretty sure I didn’t, and I already perused through some of the old posts about Torreira and I never said any of that, lel :joy::joy: go ahead and provide some proof if you can 🖒🖒 @Maverick79 pretty sure ur getting Torreira confused with Laca, cuz I’ve definitely said we coulda spent wiser with him.


This guy is going straight to the top of the game


You are saying that because you know those posts weren’t in here they were in the preseason meds before they were abandoned you were pissing everyone off with it we were all saying that you are judging him before he has even really done anything in the shirt and being the usual annoying troll.


Lolol nah uh, I was teasing u cuz u said he was a mix of Veratti and Kante and to check out his YouTube compilation :joy::joy: sorry that triggered u so hard.


You were saying it when he was playing in our shirt the first time and complaining you saw nothing of significance to him and we should not have got him him and you wouldn’t shut up about seri. But of course it’s fits your agenda perfectly to forget about this doesn’t it.


Not true I was always happy we got Torreira to replace Xhaka. I’d like to have him and Seri as our 2 in midfield.


What a gem he’s turning out to be. He’s made for this league.


Ah, hopefully we get to keep him for a few years first. :gunnersaurus:


No we’ll go to the top with him



No problem :slight_smile:



A4TT thought he was safe because he didn’t say that in this thread :joy:


Treble reading this


So glad we finally have a player who just likes to do the so called ugly business. And he is a little terrier, full of energy, tenacious, gritty. His low centre of gravity allows him to make quick turns and get away from trouble and he can pick a pass.

The best thing about him though is that he is only just getting started. Still so young, still so much to learn, and so much better to get.


I also prefaced all these comments with:

Continuing the discussion from Lucas Torreira (signed, closed):

And that was my commentary on a match that Torreira had 73% pass completion and was dispossessed 4 times. Meanwhile Kante had an 84% pass completion rate and was disposessed 0 times, so uh yeah Kante made him look like shit in that match. Stop with the revisionist history 🖒


no you were being a trolling cunt like you always are, you cant even admit to what you do when you have it pushed straight in your face.


He’d be a shit troll if he just admitted it. I admire his dedication to be honest.