Lucas Torreira (11)



Whats Son crying about. Clean as a farkin’ whistle.


Sweep the leg Lucas. Sweep the leg.


Not even a fould. Cry baby.


This guy is absolutely everywhere, Xhaka is benefiting from playing beside him so much it’s unreal.

He’s so very intelligent, composed with unreal anticipation, bargain of a signing.

We robbed Sampdoria.


Really played well tonight.


Convinced this guy is the main reason we’re doing so well, and that’s even overruling the manager. We finally have a potential world-class DM back at Arsenal!



Accurate as fuck :sweat_smile:


Torrific, once again. First name on the team sheet, we can’t go without him anymore :smiley: :torreira:




A God among men.


MoTM what a warrior!!


just to think this is his first season in the EPL, he can only get better :giroud3:


Incredible bargain, nothing short of a steal.

I hope @Titou14 is watching his displays and foaming at the mourh :torreira:


mustive been brilliant today to get A4TT praises considering he was saying he was a bad buy.


I sometimes forget he’s only 22.

We’ve made a superbly astute signing here. Finally bought a young player who is en route to being top class.


No I’ve always said I’m glad we bought him but he’s not a Santi replacement like a lot of ppl were making out, he should be a Xhaka replacement which I guess he’s been because we haven’t seen Xhaka play DM recently.


£26M. Looking like an astute signing my dudes.


Bullshit, you said you didn’t see anything in him that was worth spending that money in hand said we should have gotten someone else all through preseason you were bleating on about it, series comes to mind and how you wouldn’t shut up him saying that we should have got him because you deemed him the perfect replacement to Santi and you didn’t like that we wasted money on Torriera.