Lucas Torreira (11)


Imagine if he added goals to his game :unai:


he did score some nice goals with Sampdoria, good with free kicks too.


Good shot from outside the box as well.


This guy is a quality little player.


Correct me if I’m wrong but this is a parody of something that was said by a poster about Coquelin when he was on top form. Pahaha







Those ears are unfortunate.


BEEEEAST, proper quality signing :torreira::torreira:




Chim chiminey, chim chiminey,
chim chim cher-oo
Who needs Kante
when you have Torreira


oh fuck you and your rhyme.


You are worse than Theresa May is at dancing


He’s even got the Arsenal tube station logo tattooed on his arm. #Gooner


You shut your mouth about our Lord and Savior.


I love this guy…great signing!


Torreira oh oh oh, Torreira oh oh oh, he comes from Uruguay, he’s only five foot high


I was trying to work out the last line while watching the match but couldn’t make it out, so thanks!


Torriera, Torriera
A small version of Vieira


Cheers I couldn’t work out the last bit on TV on sunday night.