Lucas Torreira (11)


Exactly this MM. I have seen it so much in our game over the last five or six years. It leads to so many counter attacks in dangerous situations.


His low centre of gravity and ability to turn with the ball really reminds of Cazorla and the way he played.

Very good to see. Would love to see Torreira partnered with someone better than Xhaka.


Would try Ramsey along with Torreira. Think they would be a very good partnership.


He would be able to eat forward as b2b and free up the 10 role, but the problem would be is he good enough as a playmaker?


Good question. Not sure about it. Think he lacks passing.


That’s my thoughts exactly.


Chances of him starting tonight?


I doubt it. Probably will be Elneny & Guendouzi in the middle







Feels like we can’t go without him!


2 starts, 2 clean sheets. Easy.


I love this man. Not afraid to say it. Would like to see him in a lineup with Ozil at the ten.


Great work rate and engine. Defense looks a lot better with him in front of the back line.


Wow, what a top player.


Sensational signing. So busy in the midfield. Haven’t seen that since the Coquelin-Cazorla duo.


About time he became a regular.


True, he looks very shy off the pitch and not that intimidating . When he’s on the pitch though he transforms into a little bulldog, completely disregarding his opponent’s feelings, just going in at everything with full commitment. Savage.


Emoji of him roaring now please :giroud: