Lucas Torreira (11)


I agree with this, but today was a very odd game… I need to rewatch but I suspect Newcastle had more to do with the second half transformation than Torry did.


He’s quite a direct passer. Every time he received it centrally it looked like that’s all he went for yesterday. That approach will win him fans and all until it starts killing too many attacks. Hopefully he picks and chooses those attempts intelligently in future.


Can see him quite quickly becoming the heartbeat of our midfield. Has a bit of everything to his game. His instinct / positioning is the thing that has impressed me the most. He’s tactically intelligent which we haven’t had since Cazorla.

On paper, he should be the perfect sort of partner for a Xhaka type playmaker. Let’s see how those two develop over the coming weeks / months.


What impressed me most yesterday what his reading of the game, every time the ball broke in midfield, or when Everton tried a ball out of defence, he seemed to be on the end of it…His positioning was superb, I thought he outstanding…


Motd2 did a good analysis of his game. Didn’t realise he made that many interceptions and tackles yesterday. Haven’t seen that in our team since Coquelin had that weird surge of super form for a breif period.


So annoying he got that early yellow. Couldn’t enjoy his aggressive game because everytime he went in I was fearful for a second yellow :joy:

Terrific player, no doubt. We really need him.


He’s a machine and reads the game exceptionally well, additionally he’s looking to pass forward at every opportunity. Highly versatile player and if there’s anyone that can help to mask Xhaka’s deficiencies it’s him.

We bagged a steal considering the fees paid for Fabinho, Jorginho and Fred.

@Titou14: Is probably still grinning like a Cheshire cat every time he sees him in our kit.


He is Scholes-esque

I am just reaching but still


He did well to control himself after that early yellow. He showed great maturity.


Scholes couldn’t tackle so there’s literally no comparison between them lol


He was reckless but he could get in & definitely knew how to spray passes around.
But yes Scholes is poor comparison. was going to delete that.


Sceptical about how good Torreira’s passing actually is. Very early signs are mixed. I’m not of the mind that always going for forward passes is a sign of “bottle”.


Well it’s surely better than watching Mutafi and Xhaka pass it between each other across the face of goal until the opposing team decide to close us down and it leads to a one on one versus Cech.


Judging from Sampdoria it’s good, I think all depends on the role he’s asked to play but no doubt he has room for improvement.

Considering his base his ceiling is quite high indeed.


He has shown in earlier games a good sense of how to thread those forward incisive (and somewhat difficult to read) passes and that says something about both his vision and reading, but also his ability to deliver them. His over the top passes haven’t been as good so far…

Having said that, I thought his passing, especially longer-range passing, in the Everton game was relatively poor. Of course, our passing overall in that game was shambolic.

Overall, the data suggests he has it in his locker and imho he has shown more than the supposed passmaster that is Xhakalamity.


Where is @Titou14 anyway he’s been banging on about us signing Torreria on OA for ages, long before he was linked to us. Then when we sign him he’s not here :disappointed:


I hope he didn’t blow an artery or something in excitement.

Where are you buddy we miss you and your reaction to this.

He was talking about Torreira in the Series A and wishlist threads from like 2 years ago.


Hope he can score some goals for us because he had them in him at Sampdoria.


Yeah man, I jumped on the forum hoping to see him wilding out to the news that he signed but a las he wasn’t here.


He punches his passes through the midfield, making them less likely to be intercepted (and if they are intercepted there’s more chance of a bad touch by the opposition).

If there’s one thing that gripes me in football is slow hospital passes that turn into 50-50’s.