Lucas Torreira (11)


Since it’s clear Xhaka won’t be dropped. Are we okay with Guendouzi making way for Torreira?


Well, yeah. He is young so will have his time here.


It’s not like Torreira is close to retirement either. (He’s 22)
But yeah, Torreira seems to be our best player in that position so he should start.




If he’s at the base of midfield we won’t get to use his attacking talent.

He’s primed for that box to box role. We surely have to use another proper defensive mid alongside him. I wouldn’t mind us trying Xhaka but that bastard is never there to help the back four so I’d rather we used Elneny or Guendouzi.

Will also provide cover when Özil can’t get back to defend.


He is a defensive midfielder. Let’s use him as such.


We’ll never see him drive forward like he did against Cardiff to set up the winner if he’s the only DM.


That depends on in-game situations. Just because he is placed at the base of the midfield it doesn’t mean he will never (have the opportunity to) drive forward. Smart players picks the right moment to do stuff like that. Our covers and interchanging between positions is something that Arsenal need to get better at anyway.


Kante at Chelsea has been making forward runs this season, even though he is usually more of a defensive player, and he looks an even better than he already was.

If Torreira is anything like him, then we have got a very good player.

He is one of the few players in our first team with a winning attitude and the ability to match.


He wasn’t used strictly as a DM at Sampdoria.

The benefit of having a midfielder like Torreira is that he is highly versatile, no need to strictly pigeonhole him as a DM although sure that may be where he’s needed most at the moment.


Of the players he was playing with the most (Barreto and Praet) he is/was the most defensive minded. But like I said playing him on that position doesn’t mean he won’t have any input offensively.


That’s because Jorginho is playlng a deeper role.


That’s true, but he also gets forward as well.
I suppose that’s the advantage Chelsea have.
They can go out and buy two players of that quality, where we can only afford Torreira.


Suposedly injured whilst on in this shitty international and will probably miss at least the newcastle game maybe even more. Hate these pointless fucking games where your main players always come back fucked up.




He’s fine apparently


That’s a relief, I was losing sleep over who was going to take his spot on the bench come Saturday.


Thanks god because it’s fucking time to fucking start him!


Amazing again.

Deserves an OA statue ( an emoji)


Start him FFS! We are so different with him on the field.